Make a Healthy Snack Wrap

Life’s A Bowl of Fruit!

by Terre Fry


In my house, my little girl just loves all types of fresh fruit, so I decided to create a handmade pear towel to line a wooden basket. The towel gives the fruit a soft place to keep them from getting bruised and a great way to add character and design to my kitchen.

Skill: Beginner (though there is some hand stitching!)
Time: 20 minutes + stitching time



Step 1

Using Memento Luxe Pear Tart, stamp around the outer area of your linen towel. Make sure you ink your stamp completely and press evenly on your stamp block to get a clean crisp stamped image.


Step 2

To set your Memento Luxe ink into the fabric, you will need to heat set each of your stamped images. Set iron according to your fabric type; make sure not to overheat as it will scorch your fabric. (Let it cure for 48 hours before laundering, but you can continue to step 3.)


Step 3

To add a decorative border around your towel, hand stitch a back stitch using embroidery thread and a needle.


  • Linen Towel
  • Unity – stamp set
  • Acrylic stamp block
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle



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