We Love these Beachy Keen Coasters

Summer Respite

by Mark Melnick

Colorful handmade beach themed coasters with lobsters, tropical fish, seahorses and crabs displayed with a pitcher and glass of sun tea.

Summertime fun with VersaCraft and All-Purpose Inks in bright colors. What better way to enjoy some homemade sun tea than on some handmade canvas coasters that are colorful and absorbent!

Skill: Beginner – Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes + drying time



Step 1

Take some plain canvas [of fabric of your choice] and cut pieces slightly larger than your intended coasters. I used some heavy cardboard coasters that I got at the farmer’s market. Adhere your fabric with your favorite mixed media adhesive.


Step 2

I used wood block stamps as they do not move at all and are the best stamps for use on fabric of any type. They do not absorb ink and are usually extremely detailed. This first image shows the use of VersaCraft Inks. They are intended for fabric and can be heat set. Stamp fabric with your design and then heat set with iron. The canvas I used is untreated and quite absorbent. The heat set keeps the ink from moving even when liquid is applied on top.


Step 3

This second image shows the use of All-Purpose Ink. I applied this ink to the wood block using a brush and then stamping the fabric. Again, I heat set the ink when finished.

2016_jul_MM_beachcoasters_step4a 2016_jul_MM_beachcoasters_step4b

Step 4

Take a second coaster and paint with adhesive. Adhere to the back of your covered coaster. I laid the two together under a jeweler’s anchor plate and my favorite antique iron and let dry. This second layer adds weight and additional absorbency.


  • Cork or Cardboard coasters
  • Canvas/Fabric
  • Paint brushes
  • Adhesive
  • Iron
  • Weight
  • Sun tea



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