Quick Tutorial on Making a Chevron in a Flash

Quickie Kaleidacolor Card

by Alison Heikkila

A handmade card using a inked up Stampendous Dreamweaver Chevron stencil and a tahiti Kaleidacolor sliding ink palette with the sentiment "Live is art, Paint your dreams...sing your songs...enjoy the dance."

Sometimes you need a card fast, but you don’t want it to look like you made it fast. Enter your favorite Kaleidacolor ink pads, a stencil, and a fitting sentiment. You can get this card done lickety split, and yet because of all the fantastic colors, it will looks as though you spent a lot of time making it. Don’t worry! I won’t tell them!

Skill: Beginner
Time: About 10 minutes



Step 1

Take a piece of mixed media paper, your stencil, and a Kaleidacolor ink palette of your choice. I love the range of colors in Tahiti, so I went with that. Push the slide so that the colors are next to each other and carefully ink up the top of the stencil. You can see in my photo above that the ink pads don’t cover the entire stencil. That’s ok! You can either flip the pad over to have the pattern begin backwards, or keep it in the same direction so that it starts to repeat. I flipped the pad over, so that I didn’t worry about getting the dark color ink covering up my light color on the other side.


Step 2

Once the stencil is inked well, spray it with Ink Potion No. 9 to help move the colors around. This will create a nice, watercolor effect. Flip the stencil on to your cardstock and press. Try to be as neat as possible to keep the white areas white. Alternately you can flip the cardstock directly on to the stencil, but I like to line up my stencil with the paper edge, and I find it easier to flip the stencil. See what works best for you!


Step 3

Using the darkest tone in the Fresh Greens Kaleidacolor, ink up your sentiment stamp. I did one side completely, then I flipped the stamp around to ink up the other. Be sure to keep the pads in the open position for this. Stamp the sentiment on the stenciled piece of cardstock.


Step 4

Spray the card base with Pear Tart Fireworks. This picks up the green tone in the Tahiti set nicely, and adds a bit of shimmer. Let dry. TIP: I had my Imagine Craft Mat under my stencil to ink and under my card base to spray since it cleans up so easily.


Step 5

Glue the stenciled layer to the card base using adhesive of your choice, and that’s it! A simple card with lots of color, that can be used for a variety of occasions. Just change the color palette, the stencil, and/or the sentiment to suit your needs.


  • Stampendous − Chevron Stencil, Life is Art Stamp, mixed media paper
  • Card Base
  • Adhesive






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