Learn How to Upcycle Stemware with StazOn Studio Glaze

Glazed Luau Goblets

by Monica Edwards

Three photos of palm tree designed wine glasses decorated by Monica Edwards using four colors of StazOn Studio Glaze.

I love going to the thrift stores and picking up anything that looks like it can be upcycled. Today I found some plain wine glasses that I’ve turned into some fun festive luau glasses for a friend party.

Skill: Beginner
Time: Depends on intricacy of design


Step 1

Wash your wine glasses well and be sure they are completely dry before you begin glazing them.


Step 2

I decided to glaze a funky eclectic bottom for my funky eclectic friends! I glazed a star pattern in Jet Black and then added some drops of Gold just to add some extra flair.


Step 3

Since the theme for the party was Luau I decided to glaze some palm trees around the main glass. I first use Emerald City to create the grass and palm leaves. I also added some streaks of Jet Black in the leaves for some definition. What is so nice about the Studio Glaze is it has a point just like a pen tip. I finished the palm tries with some Spiced Chai trunks and coconuts.


  • Studio Glaze − Jet Black, Gold, Spiced Chai, Emerald City
  • Thrift store stemware







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