Another Fun Day with Xyron

All week we are going to be sharing projects with you as we partner with Xyron to share how well their incredible products work with ours. Have you had a chance to play with their Magnet Tape? You can easily turn anything into a magnet with this thin, tearable magnet that has adhesive on one side. As you will see below, Artist in Residence Jennifer Vanderbeek found a unique and great use for it.

Mixed Media mini shape created by Monica Edwards using Imagine and Xyron products.

Monica Edwards has created this shaped mini using her Xyron Creative Station and a multitude of Imagine products.


Those pesky holidays have a habit of sneaking up on Jennifer Vanderbeek. Inspired by Xyron’s Magnet Tape, she created a countdown calendar with interchangeable events so that she won’t be caught craft-unawares again!

And don’t forget to check out what the Xyron Design Team came up with too! They will be sharing projects all week on their Facebook page.



Xyron LogoImagine Logo








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