Are You Ready for Some Football?

Easy Football Canisters

by Monica Edwards

Super easy decor for your next football game party using recycled cans, burlap and All-Purpose Ink by Monica Edwards

Tonight is the first NFL game of the season with the teams that played in last Superbowl facing off again. It’s time to pull out the jerseys, dust of your favorite recipes, and decorate for the game! These canisters made out of tin cans are a super easy way to get your table festive for the game. Add flags or decorations in your team colors, or just put silverware in them for easy feasting!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15 minutes



Cut burlap pieces to fit around your tin cans. Apply several lines of Tear It! Tape to one side of the burlap. Remove the backing and adhere to the side of the can.


Dip a Fantastix into White All-Purpose Ink and let some ink soak into the applicator. Apply one vertical line down the burlap, and three small horizontal lines to look like football laces.


  • Clean aluminum cans
  • Burlap

Have a great season! We wish your team all the luck in the world… unless they’re playing our team!






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