Leaves of Gold

Handmade Aged Tome

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

A handmade aged book by Jennifer Vanderbeek

There’s just something undeniably cool knowing you can make a book. It can be hard or soft covered, have stitched signatures or glued, funky folds or torn edges, it doesn’t matter—it’s a book made with your own two hands. This book gets an extra boost with a faux aging technique thanks to creative medium and sprays. It will fit in with any set of old tomes in your library.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 45 minutes + drying time



Step 1

Assemble the pieces of the book: Two covers (6 1/4″  square of chipboard attached to a 7” square cardstock), one spine (1 x 6 ¼” strip of chipboard attached to a 3 x 7” strip of cardstock), two fly sheets (6” squares of embossed vellum over white cardstock), one spine (a 6” tall strip of cardstock accordion folded), and 12-14 signatures (12 x 6” sheets of cardstock or vellum folded in half and given a decorative edge on three sides).


Step 2

Encase the edges of the chipboard by folding over the cardstock creating neat corners. For the spine, only fold over the top and bottom edges. Secure everything with strips of Tear It! Tape and use a bone folder for crisp edges.


Step 3

Spread Metallic Gold Creative Medium through a stencil on the outside of the each cover and the spine. Mask off any areas to stay bare of the Creative Medium with a temporary adhesive material like Post It Tape.


Step 4

Spray the covers and spine with Walnut Ink and let dry. A heat tool can speed up the process, and blotting can give a more varied look in the finish.


Step 5

Stick the long edges of the spine to the covers with Tear It! Tape, leaving a gap between the cover edges and the chipboard portion of the spine. This allows flexibility in the spine while still offering stability.


Step 6

Attach strips of Tear It! Tape to the valleys of the accordion fold piece. Secure a folded signature to each side of the valley folds. Attaching signatures to only one side of each valley will allow each signature to open fully. Using both sides of the valleys will keep some pages closer together, perfect for creating pockets.


Step 7

Attach one free end of the folded spine to the front cover with Tear It! Tape, then stretch the spine out to meet the other cover and secure.


Step 8

Center the fly leaves to the inside of the front and back covers with Tear It! Tape, covering the exposed chipboard and the spine mechanism.


Step 9

Gild the pages edges by running them across a Delicata pad and allow to dry.


  • Cardstock
  • Embossed Vellum
  • Emobossing and Die Cut Machine
  • Spellbinders – Creative Book Pages Two Grand Templates
  • Chipboard
  • Bone Folder
  • Post It Tape
  • Dreamweaver Stencils – Crusade stencil, Embossing Paste Spreader
  • Score Board
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer






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