Purple Packages

Re-purposed Wrapping

by Martha Lucia Gomez


Creating my own gift packaging is one of my passions, particularly when I get to reuse something one wouldn’t expect. I wanted to make something romantic and simple, so I decided to create small bags to put sachets or aroma leaves inside out of old book pages.

Skill: Beginner – Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes



Step 1

Rip three pages out of an old book. Ink each page with a Grape Jelly, Lilac Posies and Lulu Lavender Memento colors using a brayer. Don’t forget to wash your brayer between each application of color ink. Memento ink is easily washed away with water.


Step 2

Using each inked sheet, die cut with the Mini Thread Bag. Assemble by adhereing the flaps down. After you fill your bags you can simply fold the decorated edge down, or adhere if you wish. Tie together with thick purple twine.


Step 3

Using another page from the book, die cut 8 circle scallops. Adhere together using a brad. Fold each scallop toward the center; no need for precise folds just squeeze with your fingers.


Step 4

Spray the paper flower with coordinating colors of Fireworks! Attach to the front of the packages.


  • Old Book
  • Stampin’ Up – Mini Treat Bag Thinlits die cut
  • Die cut machine
  • Brayer
  • Metal brad
  • Thick twine – purple
  • Adhesive








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