Fun ideas for Homemade Gift Wrap

When someone has taken the time to perfectly craft a beautiful gift, it can just send you over the moon in appreciation. Gift wrapping really is an art all in itself. If you are used to giving handmade gifts—you already know that in general the appreciation levels are even higher than for a thoughtful purchase. We can apply the same principle to the wrapping! We have a couple ideas for gift wrapping styles and how you can create a unique experience for the person you appreciate and love.

A bag of coffee and a handmade handleless mug.

Here is the gift we are going to be wrapping today.

Our first gift wrap idea involves creating a pattern by repeating a geometric shape and including some greenery as a contrast. You will need:

img_7445 Start with a basic roll of brown kraft paper, a triangle shape (you can use any shape really), and Delicata White Shimmer ink. Stamp the paper with even 1-inch spacing until it covers the brown paper on one side. Wrap the gift with white tissue paper (or bright pink magenta if you’re sassy) and then layer with the stamped kraft paper. Tie with the twine and finish with an arrangement of greenery, a pinch of a shrub like rosemary or arborvitae will work. We simply glued the greenery to keep it in place.

A handmade package of stamped butcher paper wiht a grennery topping and Delicata White Shimmer ink with the roll of twine used in creating the gift.

We were lucky enough to find this lovely acorn–it was our muse for this project.

Another fun idea is to make your gift wrap match the theme of your gift. It’s a giveaway to what is inside but still really fun to do! Since we are wrapping a coffee gift, we decided to make some coffee themed wrapping. We are starting off again with a sheet of butcher paper. But this time we are putting our gift in a box first. We’ve added some StazOn in Timber Brown, a VersaMarker and Golden Glitz Delicata to our ink selection for our second wrap option.

A handdrawn coffee cup and stamped elements on kraft butcher paper with the Delicata, StazOn and VersaMarker inks used to make it.

First, we hand draw a large coffee cup that will sit at the base of one side of the gift box. Make sure to have an idea of how your paper is going to wrap your box so you know where to place it. It really is okay if you don’t have perfect drawing skills, but if you would rather use a stamp or tracing, that works too. Fill in your mug by daubing in the white shimmer ink. You will want a piece of masking to keep in the lines. (You can really just move a piece of scrap paper around as you daub the edges.) For a little bit of dimension, use VersaMarker around the cup (optional). Use a heart stamp and Timber Brown StazOn ink to create a flowing path of hearts that rise up out of the coffee cup like steam. Next, add coffee themed elements along the hearts in Delicata White Shimmer and Golden Glitz.

Handmade coffee themed giftwrap with the Delicata and StazOn inks used to make it.

Wrap the box so that the cup aligns on the bottom of one side. Wrap the outside with twine and add your extra decor or tags to the top.


Details of the decor and tag used in a coffee themed handmade giftwrap.

EEK! We found this mini coffee cup to use as decor on the top of the package! We created a tag from some coordinating heart punches glued together to make it dimensional.

Creating your own gift paper will add the personal touch to any gift. With the holiday season just around the corner, we hope this inspired some fun gift wrapping ideas!











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