Table Decor Week!

As we enter the season of gatherings and feasts, we thought it would be fun to share with you a bunch of project ideas to dress up your table as you invite your friends and family to join you to share a meal and celebrate! The Artists in Residence have cooked up some great looks for you to try out too.

“Mercury Glass” Napkin Rings

by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Four Faux merciry glass napkin rings made by Jennifer Vanderbeek displayed with striped napkins inserted.

There’s something very cool about taking paper (and other mediums) and transforming it into something that looks like way more than the sum of its parts. This technique creates the look of mercury glass that can be used in cards, scrapbook layouts, and various craft projects. While I opted to back my acetate with paper to make it opaque for napkin rings, leaving the backing paper off would be perfect for making votive covers for battery-operated tea lights or sconces to dress up an everyday light fixture!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes + drying time



Step 1

Dab a layer of silver Delicata ink onto acetate with a sponge dauber, leaving some areas blank.


Step 2

Dribble and splash some tuxedo black irRESITible Pico Embellisher over the Delicata, tiltling the acetate or blowing on the irRESISTible to encourage it into more organic shapes. Allow to dry completely (a heat gun can be used, but make sure the acetate or transparency is okay for heat—ones meant for overhead projectors are perfect).


Step 3

Dab on more silver Delicata to tone down and blend in the black ink from layer 2.


Step 4

Mix a small amount of metallic silver Creative Medium into some clear Creative Medium to make a translucent silver medium and spread it over the acetate with a palette knife. Allow to dry completely.


Step 5

Add shimmer to the faux mercury glass with a generous coating of Goosebumps Shimmer Texture Spray. (Optional: secure the prepared acetate to a piece of metallic silver card stock with a sticker maker for an opaque background.)


Step 6

Spread a thick layer of clear Creative Medium over the acetate and allow to dry. Give it plenty of time and don’t rush it to get the clearest layer possible. At this point the “mercury glass” can be left smooth or texturized with crumpled plastic or, when semi-set, the gentle application of a texture stamp or embossing plate.


Step 7

To make napkin rings, cut the prepared sheet of “glass” into 2-inch strips and gently roll into rings. Secure with tape on the underside of where the edges meet.



  • Acetate
  • Tape
  • Cardstock – Silver (optional)
  • Xyron – Create-a-Sticker 500 (optional)
  • Heat tool (optional)








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