Thanksgiving Napperon

A Dignified Feast

by Mark Melnick

A handmade napperon, or doily, made from upcycled cardboard and Creative Medium by Mark Melnick

I can’t help but create decor for a Thanksgiving table (it has always been my favorite holiday). What I like best about Thanksgiving is its inherent simplicity. You gather together family and/or friends to share a meal and to consider all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. My inspiration comes from living in France where special table settings for holidays are the norm. On the salad plate you will always find a decorated napperon, or doily.

I know one usually thinks of something lacy and thin when they hear the word doily, but for this idea it doesn’t have to be. I decided to re-use some cardboard as my base. Paint the coardboard with gesso so there is a nice white base to work on. Once it’s dry rub White Shimmer Delicata over the whole thing so it has a lovely sheen. Frost Sheer Shimmer Spritz would be nice too.


For the main image apply Creative Medium through a stencil with a palette knife. I mixed Bronze with Green Iridescent Creative Medium. Randomly sprinkle colored Microbeads onto the texture paste before it becomes too dry. You can create specific design patterns, or just sprinkle at random. When dry, hand cut round shape to desired size.


To highlight the rim, use a matching ink or irRESISTible Pico Embellisher right along the edge of your circle. To complete the napperon, I  printed a poem that would fit inside a 2 inch cirlce. I printed it on carstock weight vellum. Since I was placing the poem off the edge, I adhered several layers of vellum to get a nice stiff piece. 2016_nov_mm_doily_step-3

Do you have any unique traditions for your Thanksgiving feast table?





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