Homemade Centerpieces for your Feast

Handmade is Bestmade

For this last day of our Table Decor Week posts, we have a couple of centerpiece or sideboard piece ideas that really speak to making the preparation part of the celebration. Both projects are perfect to put together with the kids. We’ll let Monica Edwards speak to this, as she does it so well!

Easy Gilded Table Decor

by Monica Edwards

Table centerpiece featuring the word "Home" and 4 votive candles, handmade by Monica Edwards

It’s that time of the year to reflect upon our lives and to give thanks. Instead of going out and spending a bunch of money on your home décor this year take a step back and make something. Sit down with the kids or your nieces and nephews and create something that will be a keepsake for life.


I used an actual wall plaque to create a table centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Simply cover the base of the plaque with patterned paper. Once done I then used Stazon in Orange Zest, St. Valentines and VersaFine in Vintage Sepia to color the chipboard letters that spell Home.


As you can see the richly colored pigments in the inks take well to chipboard. The StazOn inks soak deep into the chipboard as if it came colored the way it is. I then used some Tear It! Tape to make decorative strips with gilding flakes.


Lastly, instead of purchasing votive candle holders, I just covered the edge of the votive candles with patterned paper using more Tear It! Tape. I can’t wait to use it this Thanksgiving!

Neva Cole also has a great idea that would be perfect to put together with kids. It also uses flower dies for another purpose – you gotta love expanding the uses of your dies!

Tom Turkey

by Neva Cole

A handmade Thankgiving Turkey decor piece made with irRESISTible coated cardstock and a pinecone.

We have enjoyed raising a few turkeys on our mini-farm, and my favorites were the bronze-breasted turkeys. They had beautiful iridescent colored feathers, and the Tom turkey would strut around showing off his beautiful tail plumage. This was the inspiration for my version of a pine cone turkey to add to our table decorations. A little irRESISTibles Texture Spray, Kraft card stock, and almost any large flower die can be used to create a cute turkey.


Die cut two each of three different sizes or styles of flower die cut, and one oval from Kraft cardstock. Any large flower dies will work.


Place die cuts and pine cone on a plastic coated surface, I used the reverse side of freezer paper. Using Electric Yellow, Morocco and Copper irRESISTible Texture Sprays, do a combination of spraying directly on the pieces, and picking up the extra spray using tweezers to move around and pick it up. This method will create a mottled look.

2016_nov_nc_turkeypinecone_step5 2016_nov_nc_turkeypinecone_step6

Since I was modeling my tom off of the bronze-breasted turkeys, I covered my oval, which will become the front piece, exclusively in the copper spray. The juniper pine cones that I collected on a recent walk were a bit larger than what fit with the die cuts I had available. Using a pair of work gloves I held the prickly pine cone and trimmed it with a pair of garden snips. The color on the outside of scales is apparent in this photo. Save a scale to use as a beak later in the project.


I used a shaping tool to make my die cuts look a bit more feathery. I also shaped the oval, and cut off the sides of the oval into a body shape. I trimmed off the bottom edges of my larget die-cut for the right fit. I used those scraps to make a waddle!


After I adhered all my turkey pieces together, my last step was to take that scrap piece and color it red with a Lady Bug irRESISTible Pico Embellisher. Don’t forget to add the googly eyes!

We wish you well-decorated feasts this season!









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