Learn How to Resist with Papercrafts


We don’t mean resisting temptations, but ink! Using resist techniques in our projects can be fun because it can give the viewer or recipient of our work a sense of awe and wonder. Isn’t “How did you do that?” one of your favorite responses to one of your creations? So, what is resist anyway?

A resist, used in many areas of manufacturing and art, is something that is added to parts of an object to create a pattern by protecting these parts from being affected by a subsequent stage in the process.


The concept with resist is to lay down one layer that acts as oil to another layer’s water.

Resist with VersaMark


One of the most common ways to get a resist effect is to stamp with VersaMark ink to use with embossing powder. The polymer in embossing powder will create the resist effect once melted and locked onto the surface of the paper. Simply stamp with VersaMark, add embossing powder, and melt with a heat tool as usual. Once embossing is set then go over with a waterbased ink to create resist effect. Tip: do not use too much ink or the ink will start to soak under the embossed area.


Did you know that you can use VersaMark to resist without embossing powder? One of the coolest features of VersaMark ink is it acts as a resist on glossy or coated paper. Stamp or write with VersaMarker on the glossy paper. Then go over with any color of Memento dye ink. The dye ink will quickly soak into the paper around the VersaMark creating the resist effect. Lightly rub a paper towel over the page to see crisper results.


Resist with GooseBumps

You can create resist chaos with GooseBumps Texture Spray! Often resist is used just to show the white paper underneath, but here’s an idea to keep an image showing clear by stamping on your paper first.


Spray GooseBumps Shimmer on the top of the image. Let dry. Blend inks around your page until a nice soft color forms. Wipe off excess ink from the GooseBumps’ surface to reveal the snowflake underneath. Not only did it reveal the snowflake, but gave an interesting texture pattern as well.


Our favorite resist product is so good, we put it right in the name! With the irRESISTible texture spray you can create similar results to the GooseBumps example above, but with color. With a Pico Embellisher you can have a bit more control and create fine lines.


Pico Embellisher can be used as a writing or drawing tool. The fine tip steel applicator allows for precision touches and detailing. Here it was used to draw out snowflakes and dots before daubing Delicata Golden Glitz over the dry irRESISTible patterns.

With resist the thinking is a little different. One must think of how the overall design will look before starting the project. It is almost like designing backward. Think about what design is going to pop through rather than the usual composition. As always, we encourage testing and practice to perfect these techniques!













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