Make Sure to Be Fabulous Today with On Point Glue

Fine details can sometimes make a big difference in a project. Imagine artists use On Point Glue (a new product release for March 2017) to give those fabulous finishing touches to their work. Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner. With a different approach, Martha Lucia Gomez adds embellishments to a card created with stencils and Fireworks! craft spray. Check out the directions on each project below! Want to find out more about this fabulous new product? See more here. It will be available in our Shop in March.

Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner.

Flowery Clothespin Paper Clip by Jessica Litman

This clothespin paper clip can add a bit of DIY cuteness to a planner, gift, or workspace for any time of the year or any occasion. Jessica uses both Tear It Tape and On Point Glue, but for the fine detail paper quilling On Point Glue works the best.


Use tear it tape for almost any project. Double sided Tear It! Tape is great for heavier projects.
Step 1

Cut a piece of cardstock to the size of the large clothespin and attach the paper to the clothespin using Tear It! tape.

Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner. On Point Glue.
Step 2

Cut a thin, long piece of pink cardstock. Roll pink cardstock into a circle. Let circle open a little. Using On Point Glue, adhere the end of the circle to itself. Hold for approximately 20 seconds before setting down.

On Point Glue is great for small intricate projects.

Step 3

Put a circle of On Point Glue onto the clothespin. Press pink circle onto the glue. Cut two thin pieces of green cardstock. Roll each green cardstock into an oval. Adhere the end of the oval to itself. Hold for approximately 20 seconds. Attach green ovals (or flower leaves) near the pink circle onto the clothespin. Cut another piece of thin, long pink cardstock to start a second flower and repeat previous steps. Attach second flower to the bottom of the large clothespin using On Point Glue and let dry! Enjoy a new handcrafted pin!


  • Large Clothespins
  • Cardstock – purple, pink, green
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors


Martha Lucia Gomez creates a card with Fireworks and On Point Glue. yellow, black, pink, gold.

Fabulous Shades of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez

Stencils are one of my favorite items in my craft supplies and they’re the best tools with inks and sprays. In this project, I combined these elements to create a dimensional background and to keep the shimmer only Fireworks can offer. This fun technique can be used with any kind of stencils for cards or journals.


Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. black, yellow, shimmer, ink, spray.

Step 1

Take a piece of cardstock and secure your stencil. Spray paper with Dandelion Fireworks and Tuxedo Black Fireworks. Keep in mind that the effect obtained with the sprays is unpredictable, but you can obtain less intensity of the color when you apply the spray from afar and more color when you apply it closer to the paper.


Step 2

Remove your stencil and clean it with water. Place stencil again over the paper with a little adjustment of the original image and select the color of ink that you want to apply. Apply the ink on the free areas. I chose the pink from the Kaleidacolor Baby Powder and I applied the ink with a brush.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. stencil, pink, gold, black, swirls, shimmer.

Step 3

Remove the stencil and clean with soap and warm water. Add another layer of color. Combine colors of ink or use only one.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. On Point Glue is a great fine point glue for embellishments.

Step 4

Paste the decorated layer over the card base using Tear It! tape. Cut a sentiment using gold paper and apply the embellishments with On Point Glue.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. With the On Point Glue, you can control the amount of glue for intricate projects and delicate details as die cuts and rhinestones like I did on greeting card.

Step 5

Finally add the black stripe to the side as an accent. One of the features of On Point Glue is it also works great for larger or heavier pieces.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. pink, black, gold, fabulous, shimmer effect.


  • Cardstock
  • Gold paper
  • Hero Arts – Swirl Stencil
  • The Ton – Fabulous Die Cut
  • Black rhinestones



One thought on “Make Sure to Be Fabulous Today with On Point Glue

  1. I learn something new with each post! Great projects! And Martha’s card, at first glance, looks like it has some Hawaiian sand on it. That sand color with black looks like some sandy Hawaiian beaches! LOVE how she used the stencil with this … GREAT idea!

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