Happy National DIY Day

Today is National DIY Day and today we have two home decor projects that are sure to please. Alison Heikkila uses a color page as a template to decorate a glass in rich hues of Lapis blue. While Jessica Litman uses her papercrafting genius to add a curled look to a candle.

Tsukineko StazOn Studio Glaze is perfect for paper or non paper surfaces. See how Alison decorates a glass using a coloring page as a template.

Coloring Books for Coloring Glass by Alison Heikkila

Imagine has so many fun coloring products and StazOn Studio Glaze is one! Coloring books for adults are all the rage, but I wanted to do something beyond paper. I thought it was so pretty on a glass.

rethink how adult color pages can be used for decorating other household items. StazOn Studio Glaze is perfect for this crafting project.
Depending on the shape the glass, cut the color page to fit flush against one side and secure it in place. Trace the outline of the flower using Jet Black StazOn Studio Glaze. Once I completed the outline, I freehanded a couple of swirls and let the Jet Black StazOn dry.

rich blues, purple and turquiose is used to color this glass.
I filled in the first row of petals with Midnight Blue StazOn. Because I have the black outline, I can move right to my next color without the colors bleeding. Next, I used Gothic Purple StazOn. I wanted to make sure I filled in the tiny points at the base of the petals, so I used the Taper Point DoodleStix to push the color while it was still wet. The stiffness of the DoodleStix is perfect for working with Studio Glaze. I used Emerald City on the 3rd row of petals. Next, I filled in the center circles and used the DoodleStix to clean up any spots or mistakes. Then, let it all dry.


  • IKEA – Rattvik Glass
  • Coloring Book Page

Papercraft and candles. Make your space come alive this spring with blue, green and yellow.

Embellished Candle With Paper Flowers by Jessica Litman

Using embellished candles is an easy way to decorate your home for the different seasons. Change out the color paper or candles to match the seasons. Since spring has sprung, we went with yellows, blues, and greens. I started by cutting out circles from the DCWV paper using the paper cutter then using scissors, cut a swirl.

On Point Glue is Imagine's new crafting precision glue! So perfect for paper quilling.

I rolled the swirl starting with the outside toward the inside to form a flower, glued together using OnPoint Glue then glued flower onto the candle. I simply repeat until entire candle is covered with flowers. Then, using ink pad and daubers, dot the edges of the flowers and set aside to dry. Then to make the base, I cut out leaf shapes using the DCWV paper and glued paper together and roll up edges using a pencil. Place the candle on the leaf paper for decoration and you are finished.


  • DCWV paper – Bright Textures
  • Scissors
  • 1.5 inch circle paper cutter
  • Candles



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