Boost a Hello Card with an Easy Marbleized Effect

by Jowilna Nolte

Hello marbleized card with blue dragonfly tsukineko ink
When making cards it can be so much fun to create an oversized card. I made this fun and colorful Hello card for a friend to brighten her day. The hello measures 7 inches in width making this a really big hello. To add the extra special flare, I created a marbleized effect with shaving cream and Tsukineko inkers. I added a bit of fun texture with microbeads. I include how to marbleize paper in this tutorial and hope you have fun creating your own unique pattern!


Tsukineko Dye inkers

Step 1

Select 3 colors of dye inkers from the Tsukineko line. Use bright and contrasting colors that will work well together.

shaving cream for crafts

Step 2

Spray small amount shaving cream onto a plastic plate or your craft mat. Add a few drops of the first inker color around the shaving cream pile.

marbleized paper effect with shaving cream.

Step 3

Then add your second and third colors as previously. One drop goes a long long way with the intense colors of the dye ink.

Step 4

Use a craft stick or Brushtix and mix the colors in a swirling motion. Avoid mixing it too much.

marbleized paper.

Step 5

Press a piece of cardstock into the foam to pick up the ink pattern. Lift the cardstock and wipe away the shaving cream using paper towels until the cream is gone and the pattern is left behind.

GlazOn from Imagined
Step 6

Finish your larger than life card with a hello sentiment. Add a layer of GlazOn to the word and dragonfly, sprinkle with microbeads and let dry. Make as many of these cards as you can with the remaining shaving cream and give them out to friends and family throughout the year!


  • White cardstock
  • Silhouette – Hello sentiments
  • Microbeads
  • Shaving Cream


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