See How to Make Illustrious Lapis Blue Napkin Rings

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Bright Blue StazOn ink used to cover metal.

Spring has arrived and flowers are at their peak! Bring a stylish touch of spring to the table with handmade napkin rings that are full of blooming flowers. This Lapis blue arrangement will perfectly contrast any set of white napkins or compliment a blue dish set. Learn how to craft this super cute table decor for any special occasion.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour + drying time


Step 1

Cover a 1 ¾ inch tube with a non-stick surface (or wax paper). Wrap around it the cotton cord in a width of 1 ½ inch and cover it with acrylic texture paste (alternatively a PVC glue will work well). Repeat to the number of napkin rings required and let them dry well before removing them.

Step 2

Die cut aluminum flowers using the medium and small flower dies. 1 medium and 4 small for each ring.

StazOn Ultramarine

Step 3

Cover the medium and half of the small flowers with the StazOn Ultramarine ink pad with the help of a sponge dauber.

Step 4

Create lines on the petals of the flowers with the Wedding Dress irRESISTible Pico embellisher and the Danube Blue irRESISTibles on the aluminium-colored flowers.

Step 5

Place dots in the center of the flowers with Amplify! White and heat activate for the puffing effect. Amplify is a unique texture paint that will change shape with heat activation.

Step 6

Arrange the position of flowers to be used on the ring and attach them on petals sides with On Point Glue.

Step 7

Cut a 25-inch cotton cord and make a couple of loops. Glue on the cotton ring and then place the flowers. I decided to end the project here, but if you have any other embellishments, sentiments or decoration in mind you can allow your creativity to flow! Creating the structure for the rings is one of the most important to get right and from there you can experiment and play. With a little further planning, Nadine’s Best Wishes card could be used as an invitation to a spring dinner party. Enjoy!





8 thoughts on “See How to Make Illustrious Lapis Blue Napkin Rings

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  3. I love the blue! Stazon is great. What die cutting machine do you use? I’m not sure if mine could handle aluminum!

    • Hello. I have a Spellbinders Grand Calibur, but I think any large one could manage to cut it. The aluminium is thick as one from a soda can. Add a folded page on top to give more pressure to cut or go through the machine a second time.

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