Show a Good Friend You Really Care

by Alison Heikkila

Using VersaMagic inkpad for blending ink on a handmade Friend Greeting Card

Ink blending is a beautiful and fun technique for paper crafting and cardmaking. When you have the perfect die cut, stamp or paper sometimes all it takes is a blend of ink colors to make the card extra special. In this project, I wanted to show off the chalky, lovely colors of VersaMagic, but also I wanted to highlight it’s amazing blending ability.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes


Ornate Heart Metal Stencil- FMS4060
Step 1

I started by taping my metal heart stencil down only on the left side so that the tape created a hinge. This way I can check my work as I go.

Ornate Heart Metal Stencil- FMS4060
Step 2

I chose the colors I wanted and I started with the lightest shade–VersaMagic Key Lime on the outer rim and worked darker colors toward the center. I chose light to dark because as I begin to blend the colors I won’t ink the lighter ink pads with the darker colors. I used a sponge dauber to ink up the outer edge of the heart. Sponge Daubers are great for pushing into the stencil and can provide relative precision.

Ornate Heart Metal Stencil- FMS4060
Step 3

A quick check to make sure I like how it looks and then I blended another layer on top of VersaMagic Key Lime with VersaMagic Thatched Straw.

Ornate Heart Metal Stencil- FMS4060
Step 4

Since VersaMagic is a pigment ink it does not dry as rapidly as a dye which makes it perfect for blending. I take each shade out a little further than I want it to show so that I have room to overlap the colors.

Ornate Heart Metal Stencil- FMS4060
Step 5

Next, I used VersaMagic Pink Grapefruit followed by VersaMagic Red Brick. Even though these colors seem unusual to blend together, the VersaMagic makes it so easy. Tip: Use one sponge dauber per color to keep inks from getting mixed up.

Step 6

I trimmed out the heart. I didn’t like the white border so I colored the edge with New Sprout Memento Marker. I diecut a simple “friend” sentiment from CAS-ual Fridays using Mint Julep cardstock. I thought this was another great opportunity to do more blending but this time with a water-based dye ink. I used a Bamboo Leaves Memento Marker for the top portion of the letters, then I blended it with Pear Tart.

CAS-ual Fridays: Friends Die- CFD16103

Tip: When you blend with markers the blend comes from dying the paper with the two different colors. This will not be as soft looking as a pigment ink because the dyes are mixing on their own inside the paper fibers. A good technique here would be to continue layering very lightly to get a more seemless blend or with very similar color tones. In the photo above, you can see how nicely the 2 colors are blended on the “f.” On the rest of the word, only the Bamboo Leaves has been used.

Dare Devil cardstock
Step 7

I made my card base out of Dare Devil cardstock, cut to 5 1/2″ x 8.” I spritzed it with Sheer Shimmer Spritz in Sparkle which is a beautiful shimmery spray. I cut out a strip of Banana Pepper (1 1/4″ x 4″) and Sweet Potato (3/4″ x 4), glued them together and sprayed them with Sheer Shimmer Sparkle Frost. Then I assembled my card.

I thought the card needed something else. A little more white. My son was playing Pac-Man next to me while I was working, and then it came to me. Dots! Just like the dots Pac-Man has to eat! So I used my Wedding White irRESISTables Pico Embellisher to make dots around the perimeter. Ha! I felt this extra touch completed the design by matching the white inside the heart. I love friend-themed cards to show those important people in our lives and that we love them.


  • Ornate Heart Metal Stencil – FMS4060
  • CAS-ual Fridays: Friends Die – CFD16103
  • Cardstock – Dare Devil, Banana Pepper, Sweet Potato, Mint Julep
  • Xyron – X 1.5 Sticker Maker


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