Why Not Do It Yourself with a Bright Hexagon Print

by Jessica Litman

Why Not Do It Yourself with a Bright Hexagon Print

Hexagons are so hot right now! They are a classic shape that is found in nature with honey combs, used in art and design to create interesting patterns and the iconic 5-side shape is also used in signage and information design. I share how to use a basic die cut to create a stamp, blend inks to create dimension and repeat patterns for a lovely finished home decor piece.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 5 minutes


Die Cut Hexagon Shape
Step 1

Diecut corkboard with hexagon die to create the stamp shape. Attach to stamp block using the Tack ‘N Peel cling sheet. Tack ‘N Peel is reusable and this project could be repeated with any desired shape or die.

Kaleidacolor Inkpad - Caribbean Sea
Step 2

Ink the new hexagon stamp with Kaleidacolor inkpad. The blues and greens will blend and create an ombre effect. You can use this inkpad is several ways. It has a sliding feature so you can push the individual ink colors closer together. Stamp onto white cardstock and continue until you have created a nice pattern. To create a cool effect, use a different part of the inkpad while creating the pattern. Repeat until paper is covered with hexagons.

Step 3

Die cut another hexagon from card stock, adhere to the stamp to create a pop-out element and place onto the pattern using adhesive tape. Frame and enjoy.


  • Cardstock
  • Stamp block
  • Corkboard
  • Hexagon nesting dies





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