Learn to Make a Necklace with Braided Rope

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Tangerine braided necklace imagine crafts tsukineko

Wear the sun with tangerine colored jewelry! Braided cords in two sizes colored with warm, sunny colors creates a thicker marine-like rope. The silver round charm, hanging on the braided ropes, has a bright center matching the thick cord. This project is easy, but some jewelry making tools and knowledge is required. If you have never made your own jewelry then accept this fun challenge and add it to your bucket list of craft projects!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 30 minutes + drying time


Memento inkpad dye
Step 1

Cut a 16-inch long piece from the 7mm cord and dye with the Memento Tangelo ink using a sponge dauber.

Memento inkpad dye
Step 2

Cut another two 16-inch long pieces from the thinner cord and dye the one with the Memento Desert Sand and the other one with Memento Rich Cocoa inkpad.

braided rope colored with dye ink
Step 3

Braid the cords starting with the thicker one in the center.

Step 4

Trim the endings to same length and secure with an end cap. Add jump rings and a lobster clasp.

Step 5

Make a round shape with the hot glue gun and color it with the irRESISTible Tangelo color.

Step 6

Place the silver charm on the braided rope with the help of some craft wire and glue the colored round shape in the center of it.





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