How to Use StazOn and Vertigo to Create Unique Jewelry

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

How to Use StazOn and Vertigo to Create Unique Jewelry

In today’s blog, I have created a special mini book gift that transforms into a piece of jewelry. The mini book is made of Vertigo Sheets and is durable enough to allow the book to be worn on the wrist without being damaged. The length of the book bracelet can be adjustable by either using a bit smaller Vertigo squares or by changing the number of jump rings used on the front and back covers. You can stamp it with designs, use more colors, include a name or a special message depending what you create and customize. This is a perfect project to have at a craft party or to gift to a special loved one.


Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Cut 1 x 1 inch squares from the Vertigo sheet. There are several patterns of Vertigo to choose from.

Step 2

Stamp with the Waffle Flower dots stamp from their Planner Collection using the StazOn Blazing Red inkpad and distress with the StazOn Dove Grey.

Stamp letters or images with StazOn Jet Black.
Step 3

Stamp letters or images with StazOn Jet Black.

Step 4

Punch holes on all corners of the letter squares. Punch two holes on the right side of the interior squares and one in the middle left of the front and back cover or exterior squares. (see final photo below).

Step 5

Add jump rings and connect the squares into a chain.

Step 6

Add jump ring and a lobster lock on the front cover square. Be sure to adjust the size you desire and test the length.

Step 7

Add any polishing touches such as these cute heart embellishments with On Point Glue and you are finished!


  • Waffle Flower Crafts – Planner Collection Mini Patterns
  • Letter stamps
  • Heart embellishments
  • Round hole punch
  • Jump rings – Silver
  • Lobster lock – Silver
  • Pliers

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