Make a Fairytale Layout in Your Journal with VersaMagic

by Elina Stromberg

Fairytale Layout in Moleskine Journal Sketchbook
When working with layers you normally start with the background and continue with adding elements on top of it. However, when layering stamped images, you need to work in reverse order. First, you place the foreground elements on your project and then continue building layers in the direction towards the back. This all may sound bit tricky but when you start working you’ll soon realize that the masking stamping technique is not hard at all. You will love the depth and dimension it gives to your project, and in addition, it gives you many new possibilities to use your stamps and extend your stash!

Masking stamping technique can be used for several types of projects. It’s perfect for cards, but can easily be used also for larger projects like art journal pages. Your imagination will be the only limit!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour +


Step 1

Stamp the foreground image i.e. the element that you want to appear on the top. Repeat the step by stamping the image on a post-it note. Cut out.

Step 2

Place the post-it note image on the stamped foreground image. This self-made mask will protect the top layer image. Stamp the element you want to appear on the next layer, (partly) behind the first element. If you want other elements to appear behind the second layer image, stamp it on a post-it note and cut out.

Step 3

Continue building stamped layers until the scenery is ready. Post-it masks can be used several times, so if one image is used several times, probably only one mask per image is needed.

Step 4

Color the images using VersaMagic and Brilliance inks. Press the ink pad against the craft mat to create a paint palette. Pick up the color with a water brush and color the images.

Step 5

Color the entire scenery. Stamp blades of grass, branches, and flower stems on the page. Before stamping protect the colored images with the self-made post-it masks.


  • Moleskine Sketchbook
  • Art Journey – ‘Fungus Fairy Tales’ stamp, ‘Crows’ stamp, ‘Fairy Tale People’ stamp
  • IndigoBlu -‘Wild Meadow’ stamp
  • Water brush
  • Post-It notes
  • Scissors

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