Create Beautiful Things with New Delicata Rose Gold

Create Beautiful Things with New Delicata Rose Gold

Rose Gold Handmade Necklace by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

My first thought when seeing the new Delicata Rose Gold inkpad was that this color needs to be placed on a piece of jewelry. Large rings covered with the ink giving the impression of metal crafted in a necklace was something trying the ink beyond paper. A porous material to work well with the Delicata ink is a lightweight modeling paste (clay) that can hold a piece of jewelry and keep the metallic effect of the Delicata ink.

To form the rings, I cut the modeling paste using two round cookie cutters in different diameters and then pressed the sides to form oval shapes. When the modeling paste dried, using a sponge dauber, I applied Delicata rose gold ink on all sides. When all the rings were ready, I cut aluminum flat wire forming jump rings to bind the large ones together. Finally, I added some extra sparkle with small rhinestones.


  • Lightweight modeling paste
  • Round cookie cutters
  • Flat aluminum wire
  • Rhinestones
  • Pliers
  • Brown leather cord

Creative Girl Tag by Renee Zarate

Tags are always a nice option in the event that you don’t want to attach a card to a gift. This tag is glittering with the new release of Delicata Rose Gold ink and highlighted with Delicata Emerald Green ink as well. The butterfly is also made with the Emerald Green but was watered down with a spray of water so it can behave just like water colors for a beautiful difference.

Select a black cardstock tag and a stencil. Tape a stencil down with painters tape on top of the black tag. Using a large sponge dauber, apply the color in the open area of the image using Rose Gold Delicata ink. Dry with a heat tool.

Using Delicata Emerald Green ink, stamp script on the side of the image; dry with a heat tool. Add green around the punched hole at the top of the tag. Outline the figure with a white pen. Ink the edges with the Emerald Green ink. The Delicata ink can be watered down by placing some on the craft sheet and spraying a little bit of water on the ink. Then the ribbon can be pulled through the water color, also the die cut butterfly can be dipped into the water color solution. Air or heat dry the ribbon and butterfly. Add ribbon to the top of the tag and glue the butterfly onto the girl image. A message can be written on the back using a white gel pen if desired.


  • Dina Wakley Stamp
  • Black tag
  • White gel pen
  • Ribbon
  • Sizzix Tag die
  • Tiny staples
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Heat tool

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