See How to Make Your Own Shimmery Eclipse Scrapbook Layout

by Neva Cole

the Great American Eclipse Scrapbook Layout with Delicata ink

I will admit, the Great American Eclipse truly lived up to all the hype and expectations. We are fortunate to live very close to the zone of totality and were able to enjoy an experience of a lifetime! There were many amazing photos taken on this date, and I was able to take a few myself. I am surprised that my totality photo of the corona resembles the others taken across the United States. Knowing I would create a scrapbook layout to commemorate the event, I planned ahead and had everyone sign on a section of white cardstock. Totality was so stunning I wanted to create the same look and feel of nature and the new Delicata Ink colors were absolutely perfect! This is a super easy background to create for your own eclipse photos, or the technique could be used for any layout that needs an ethereal sky backdrop!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 30 minutes + dry time


Goose Bumps bottle and gently take the clear texture medium over the top half of the Bristol Board
Step 1

Trim Strathmore 100lb Bristol Board to 12” x 12”. Bristol Board is absolutely the best for this technique as it will stand up to a heavy application of Ink Potion No. 9 and ink blending with Jumbo Daubers. Remove the spray applicator from the GooseBumps bottle and gently tap the clear texture medium over the top half of the Bristol Board. Set aside to dry.

Apply Delicata in Champagne with a Jumbo Dauber
Step 2

Mist the bottom section of the paper with Ink Point No. 9. Apply Delicata in Champagne with a Jumbo Dauber.

Step 3

Repeat with Ink Potion No. 9 and Delicata in Pink Shimmer. It is starting to look like a sunrise!

Delicata in Sapphire Blue
Step 4

Mist the top portion of the paper and ink with Delicata in Sapphire Blue. If one area is a bit darker than desired, add a bit of Ink Potion No. 9 to the craft mat and pick up with the Jumbo Dauber. The smooth surface of the Bristol Board is very forgiving and allows the inks to blend beautifully. Notice the GooseBumps will now resemble the stars that were visible during totality!

Delicata in Black Shimmer
Step 5

Determine placement of journal block and blend Delicata inks accordingly on the section of Bristol Board that was trimmed off the original size. Print journaling directly on the Bristol Board. For my layout with the signatures, I gently blended the inks over the signatures. We used a permanent pen so the ink did not bleed. Ink the edges with Delicata in Black Shimmer. Ink a section of black cardstock with Delicata Black Shimmer, this will give just a hint of shimmer to match the rest of the layout. Die cut the title and adhere. Adhere your selected eclipse photos and sit back and admire and remember this event of a lifetime!


  • Strathmore Bristol Board 100 lb
  • NASA Eclipse glasses
  • Quicktuz—Indigo alphabet (retired)



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