Make Plans for the Perfect Christmas Card

by Elina Stromberg

Snowflakes are always a safe choice for Christmas cards Shapphire Blue.

Busy Christmas card season is soon here! I envy those efficient crafters who start making their Christmas cards early enough, so that they can create beautiful, diverse card designs for each receiver. I usually start too late, and in order to complete the task on time I must choose only one or two designs that are easy and quick to do even in larger quantities. However, simple does not mean that the cards need be boring, quite the contrary! A wow-factor must be included, and even if time may be running short, I still take time to carefully plan the card design.

Each year I make a few extra cards that I keep to myself. I want to keep record of the card designs I have used, as my cards must never be replicates of the previous years’ designs. Making a couple of test rounds before starting the actual card making project has proven to be a wise choice, too. Whenever I want to come up with a new and fresh design idea, I like to start with making several samples. For me that’s the only way to see what works and what doesn’t. This is especially true when including new media, new color combinations, new supplies or new techniques. A few pieces of scrap paper keep this endeavor an inexpensive choice for testing! I’ll switch to higher quality card bases when I’m ready to go into production.

This year my Christmas cards will most probably have a snowflake background; snowflakes are always a safe choice for Christmas cards. For my sample pieces, I sprayed two sheets of white mixed media cardstock with blue Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray. Those shimmering cold blue colors gave just the icy look and feel I needed! I mixed the colors with water, dried with my heat gun, and cut the sheets into smaller sample pieces. I even punched one sheet with a tag punch and a set of gift tags was made on the same go.

For sample #1, I applied Metallic Silver Creative Medium through a snowflake stencil. On sample #2, I stamped different small snowflakes with Sapphire Blue Delicata ink and for sample #3, I used the same snowflake stencil with the Sapphire Delicata ink and a Stipple Brush.

I continued testing on punched gift tags: #4 is heat embossed with white embossing powder, and #5 with silver.

For tags #6 and #7,  I used the previous techniques once again, as I wanted to see how they work on small backgrounds.

For tags #8 and #9,  I die-cut snowflakes from glitter paper and glued them down with On Point Glue. #8 is misted with Original GooseBumps Texture Spray, and #9 outlined with ‘Wedding Dress’ white irRESISTible texture spray.

Now the only tricky part is to choose which pattern or texture to use for my Christmas cards. As much I liked the stamped and die-cut images, I think I will go for the stenciled Metallic Silver Creative Medium. The shimmering silver just looks so cool on the shimmering, icy blue background!

From here building a card design that could be both time-friendly and very personalized will be easy and fun! Enjoy!


  • Mixed media paper
  • Water mister
  • 13Arts Studio – Snowflake stencil
  • Snowflake stamps
  • Scissors
  • Tag punch



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