We are Happy to Introduce our Artists for 2018


Meet our Team

Arjita Sepaha Singh

Arjita works in the early childhood education field, but enjoys crafting above everything else. She gets plenty of inspiration for her 12 year old daughter and hopes to show even the most novice of crafters how to make beautiful things in her crisp and short videos.

“I strongly believe that a creative crafter is like a bee that is always busy with focus, dedication & perseverance to create beautiful things.”

Elina Stromberg

Elina grew up crafting and paper is her favorite material. She likes to focus on layouts and colors that are sure to be eye-pleasing. Inspiring other crafters is the greatest reward for her.

“I love the fact that this hobby is all about learning something new every day.”

Iris Rodriguez

Iris is an arts and crafts enthusiast who has never met an art medium she didn’t like. A short list of her favorites include inks, paper, acrylic paint, sprays, metallic waxes, texture mediums, clay, and metal.

“As it happens to some us, as adults we tend to temporarily abandon our creative endeavors because of this little thing called life. About seven years ago I decided to get back to being creative and have not looked back since.”


Jennifer Vanderbeek

Jennifer is a longtime crafter who also does comic illustrations and culinary arts. If you’ve seen her videos you might already know that she believes in the power of a good laugh and that daily creativity is essential to overall health.

“I love anything & everything creative, which is why mixed media is such a handy umbrella: it encompasses anything I might want to get my hands on or into given my mood be it papercrafts, jewelry making, fine art or home decor.”


Jowilna Nolte

Jowilna sees scrapbooking as a natural extension of her love for card making and stamping that also accommodates her love and passion for photography. Jowilna loves to teach new techniques and share with others on her creative journey.

“Creating can be a wonderful journey & therapy—making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.”


Kassy Tousignant

Kassy grew up surrounded by a family of makers and artists. A long time believer in the fact that a handmade card is the best type to give, she has recently delved in to mixed media and 3D arts; she loves playing with color and texture.

“Creativity is good for the soul and I believe there is room for it in everyone’s life. My goal is to inspire others to find their creative voice.”

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Kyriakos challenges himself to find alternative ways to use materials and set them into daily life. He uses mixed media to create everything from simple to complex pieces that are always sure to please.

“When I design my projects I like to make something that goes further of being beautiful to be useful and special to someone.”Bright Blue StazOn ink used to cover metal.

Imagine crafts tsukineko blog artistMartha Lucia Gomez

Martha Lucia works in public relations by day, but has loved crafting always. She finds working with paper to be the best therapy, and if you are looking for a great Spanish language crafting blog, she’s one to follow.

“I love to create cards, 3D projects and alter different objects.  I am looking forward to continue to share my passion with all of you.”

Melissa Andrew

Melissa is a scientist and mother of three who still finds time to devote to her crafting and card making. She is ready to take the inspiration she has received from so many others and pay it forward to all of you.

“I feel my science background allows me to understand the chemical properties of a number of my craft products and therefore I am able to experiment and play without hesitation.”

Imagine crafts tsukineko blogNadine Carlier

Nadine has spent a couple of decades trying and loving all things crafty. Scrapbooking, handmade cards, mixed media and altered art projects make the list of her favorite things to create. 

“I love getting messy, trying new techniques, inspiring others and being inspired.”

Roni Johnson

When she’s not helping run the family farm, Roni can be found creating. There is no term that encompasses all the styles and project types that Roni shares with us, but the joy she finds in creating them always comes through.

“I enjoy teaching others about the joys of ink, paper and altered arts!”

Steph Ackerman

Steph has been crafting since she was a kid when all she had was construction paper and rubber cement. She loves to teach and tries to instill in her students the instinct to play as it will help with learning always.

“I don’t have a specific style as I let the products I am working with take me on that journey with each creation.”

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