Instead of New Year’s Resolutions Try a New Year’s Mantra

by Iris Rodriguez

I was thinking about the New Year and resolutions for 2018. As most of us have figured out by now, they are hard to maintain. So, I decided this year I will not make resolutions or use a word mantra. I am just going to go for positive vibes. Be good, do good and spread positive energy. I asked myself, why not begin by moving about and dance?! It gets the blood flowing, and you can’t possibly be upset when you’re dancing. At least these are my thoughts for now as I create in my art journal and get ready for the rest of the year. I started this project by creating a background with Imagine’s Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Sprays, then stamped and stenciled images and shapes. I added in a silhouette figure of a dancing figure to connect to my positive vibe idea.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1.5 hours

Step 1

Lightly spray the paper with water. Spray Fireworks Danube Blue, Lady Bug and Tangelo in different areas, but do not blend. Dry paper.

Step 2

Water down a couple of drops of All-Purpose Ink in White and brush ink over the entire background. This adds a little bit of a white wash, unifies the background and softens harsh lines. If you like the original look from the sprays, then this step may be skipped. Dry paper.

Step 3

Stamp several images with StazOn inks. By using the StazOn, it will prevent the images from moving when adding the additional layers and will also be pushed back, which makes for a great dimensional look. While you are stamping, think of the location of the silhouette dancer image, and place desired images and shapes that will go inside the figure as it will become the focal point.

Step 4

Stencil using various inks and colors with the Sponge Daubers and InkBlushers. Experiment with the looks you get from dye and pigment inks mixed together.

Step 5

Trace silhouette with a pencil. Using a brush tip Brushstix and Memento Luxe Tuxedo Black, add outline around the traced silhouette and blend in an outward motion. This adds a shadow like effect. Keep blending out until desired look is achieved.

Step 6

Stamp additional images. When adding images at this point, they’ll appear in the forefront. Stamp in the word “Dance” with VersaMagic Cloud White and emboss with the white embossing powder. Doodle with the white gel pen. Ensure all layers below are dry or the gel pen won’t work well. As a final step, stamp or stencil spiral, swirly shapes with Delicata Shimmery Silver.  This makes it look like energy sparkles are coming out of the dance figure…aka positive vibes!

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  • Watercolor Paper – 12 x 9 inches Cold Press, 300 GSM – 140 lbs
  • Figure Silhouette stencil
  • Various pattern stencils of choice
  • Spray water bottle
  • Various Stamps of choice
  • Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen – White

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