The Magic Of Translucent Pigment Ink – The New Versafine Clair

by Martha Lucia Gomez

Hello everyone! The new VersaFine Clair is a fantastic pigment ink that gives you a nice touch on your cardmaking projects with vibrant colors. On today’s project, I decided to use an ink splatters stamp set over a designer cardstock and to my surprise the print on the paper shows through the splatters. I think this is a beautiful feature in this ink and hope you find these tips and tricks with VersaFine Clair useful.

On this card, I used several colors VersaFine Clair: Verdant, Purple Delight, Charming Pink, Cheerful, Glamorous and Nocturne. First I stamped the ink splatters one by one in all the different colors and when I was satisfied with the design I covered all my stamping with clear embossing powder and heat set. I stamped the sentiment using VersaFine Clair Nocturne. After stamping the sentiment, I covered it with clear embossing powder and melted the powder with the heat tool. Over the crumb cake, the VersaFine Clair Nocturne ink covered everything perfectly but left translucent properties over the splatter stamped area due to the double embossing. I love this effect because it gives my project a real 3D effect. This is so different from any pigment ink I’ve used before. There are so many fun techniques one could use with these gorgeous inks and patterned papers!

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3 thoughts on “The Magic Of Translucent Pigment Ink – The New Versafine Clair

  1. Excuse the typo in the previous comment. If you stamp with Cyan image over another stamped Magenta image, will you see acid green color where the Cyan and Magenta overlap?

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