Book Lovers – Look at this Charming Project

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Are you a book lover and a crafting nerd? Are you looking for a project that lets you show off both of these passions? This French-themed book strap can serve as a bookmark or can just make a stylish statement with a cool elastic stretch lace that adjusts to different book sizes and can be placed between pages. With a sheet of Vertigo acting as the main embellishment, StazOn ink, embossing techniques and more, this project is a fun thing to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon. See how to do it below!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Cut 2 pieces of 5 inch long cotton ribbon. Open a window of ¾ x 2 ¾ inch on one of the pieces leaving a ½ inch space on the left side.

Step 2

Stamp the cotton ribbon pieces with various designs from the travel France stamps using the StazOn Jet Black inkpad.

Step 3

Turn the uncut cotton ribbon piece to the back and fold the corners, up to the middle of the short side. Glue with the On Point Glue creating an arrow shape edge.

Step 4

Take the swivel latch hook and pass it through the arrow shape edge of the cotton ribbon. Cover the hook with it and glue well, securing it to the ribbon.

Step 5

Repeat with the cut piece of the ribbon.

Step 6

On a piece of Vertigo sheet, slightly larger than the window opened on the ribbon, stamp the word with the VersaMark and heat set the Embossing Powder in White.

Step 7

Color with the StazOn Teal Blue inkpad and a sponge dauber the back side of the Vertigo Sheet cutting.

Step 8

Cut a 15-inch long elastic stretch lace and glue one edge of it together with the Vertigo cutting between the two cotton ribbon pieces. Make sure that the Vertigo sheet cutting is positioned well to the opening of the ribbon.

Step 9

Tie a bookbinding ring to the other end of the elastic stretch lace.

Step 10

Add charms and beads to embellish further.


  • Buddly Crafts 22mm (7/8″) Orchid Elastic Stretch Lace, Natural Cotton Ribbon 40mm
  • Clear Choice – Travel France stamps
  • Swivel Latch Hook
  • Bookbinding Ring
  • Charms
  • Beads

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