Steph Ackerman

Hi!  I’m Steph Ackerman, a crafter from New York. I have been married to Gary for 37 years and we have a 22 year old Criminal Justice college graduate. We also have a very photogenic 9 year old pup who is the subject of many of my scrapbook layouts/mixed media projects.

Crafting has always been a big part of my life. I have been creating in some form since I was a child. Back then all we had was construction paper and rubber cement. I love seeing how this craft has evolved and how it has changed what we create and how we create. I love creating cards, mixed media projects, canvases and off the page projects using an assortment of products from pattern papers to stamps to inks to spritzers, dies and more. I don’t start out with a plan in mind, I pull the products I want to use and see what happens. I love to play and experiment. I don’t have a specific style as I let the products I am working with take me on that  journey with each creation.

About 10 years ago I discovered that I love teaching. Since then I have been teaching classes several times a month at my local  store, in my home studio and local library. I teach my students to play with their supplies because only then can you truly see the full potential of your supplies. I challenge my students to use their tools and supplies in different ways. I also expose my students to new products and product lines as they  love to learn what’s new in the crafting environment.

The busier my working day is, the more time I allocate to crafting. After a crazy day at the office, I love to dive into my inks and stamps and play with no expectations. It’s fun to see what happens when you have no expectations.

I love seeing my work In print and constantly submit my work for publication. I have had as many as 30 cards in one print magazine and have seen my work showcased at CHA where I am a CHA Designer Member.