Peace, Love & Understanding


Wonderful Things by Isha Gupta

International Day of Peace is a time to celebrate our global unity and the wonderful things that bring us together! This colorful sentiment is great for anyone who is far away but near in your heart.


Peace on Earth by Heike Linnek

These days, the refugees are the main theme in Europe. Thousands of people from outside Europe are leaving their homes and houses in their homelands because they’re living under suppression, in a war zone or were hagridden by others. They risks their and their family’s lives for reaching Europe, hoping to find a place where they could live in peace. For International Day of Peace, I wanted to create something airy, with a positive mood subtending this sad situation. There is confusion but also hope everywhere.

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Girl Power Part II!

It’s the weekend, let’s keep the girl power going!


Stay Brave. Stay Strong. by Renee Zarate

It is a good time in history to be a woman.  As a wise woman once said:  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.”  There are opportunities daily to show our support to other women who may be fighting battles that we are completely unaware of…(read more)

2015_august_hl_womansequality_mainPower of Woman by Heike Linnek

2015_july_jn_girlpower_main2“Homegrown Beauty” Layout by Jowilna Nolte

Eat Up!

PicMonkey Collage 

Bon Appetit by Roni Johnson 

I was looking for a fun gift to give my Mom for her newly renovated kitchen and when I saw this little French Bulldog bank I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Covered in quotes from the Queen of French cuisine – Julia Child! He’s a perfect little watch dog over her sleek new cooking space… read more


PicMonkey Collage2

DIY Place Mats by Heike Linnek

Are you hungry yet? Heike’s latest project has our stomachs grumbling! read more


Have A Colorful Weekend!

Amplify! Mono-Printed Dimension Tag
by Heike Linnek2015_april_hl_technique_main

Mono-printing is a lot of fun and offers a wide variety of options to create several layers on a project. Experimenting with this technique using only my craft mat, I found out that Radiant Neon Amplify! is the perfect color to add new dimension and feel to the surface… read more



air_2015_ig_masculine_projectBirthday Wishes by Isha Gupta

I love creating colorful cards and the same goes if it’s masculine. I get inspired by colors and this fun Kaleidacolor (Blue Breeze) was the starting point of my card… read more


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Celebrate Your Friendship

2015_august_hl_friendship_mainaFriendship by Heike Linnek

Friendship is a precious gift. I’ve got a couple of really good friends and am very thankful for finding them. Therefore it was on my heard to make a friendship celebrating project. The picture shows me with some of my girls from our private weekly MoMa-Crafting-Club… read more

Dazzle with Brilliance
by Isha Gupta

Celebrate your girlfriends and the colors of summer with this dazzling card!





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Mix & Match!

Mix & Match Letter Action CardMix & Match Letter Action Card by Heike Linnek

This card works like a sudoku puzzle. It comes along with several letters and embellishment. Because of using Tack’n’Peel, everything adheres non-permanent on the surface, so you can spend a lot of funny time combining it and trying to find out how many words, phrases and designs are possible to create. Hubby had a lot of fun with the possibilities… read more

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