Big Things Come in Small Packages

2015_April_HL_moneyholder_main1LMini (Match)Books by Heike Linnek

I’m a librarian and love books in every form. These ones are made from matchboxes. Once started I wasn’t able to stop producing them. They are perfect to give notes, coins, vouchers or any other little somethings and can be adapted to many occasions.


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Oh The Places You Will Go!

Cherish your travel memories and pay homage to the quintessential “tacky tourist” with these projects from our wonderfully talented Artist’s in Residence, Cathy Andronicou & Heike Linnek.

Parisian Key Fob by Cathy Andronicou

Cathy Andronicou shows you how to keep your travel memories on you at all times with this Parisian Key Fob.


Tacky Tourist Signage by Heike Linnek

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Happy 4th of July! 🎉


When we were asked to do a project themed “50 States”, I wanted to show all them in a different way. The big canvas has room for every single State, but doesn’t presents them in a usual map view. The states are listened in alphabetical order. The biggest challenge was not to get deranged with over 400 die cut characters. Find Heike’s mixed media project HERE on the Imagine Crafts website.

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Cool Summer T-shirts

2015_July_HL_summershirt_main Summertime Men’s Shirt by Heike Linnek

2015_PW_artist_summershirt_Main         2015_June_CH_stamped tshirt_main_watermarked

No Fuss DIY T-Shirt by Penny Ward                             Floral Summer Tank by Clare Horner

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.32.28 PM

Summer Lilies T-Shirt (video) by Cathy Andronicou

Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

Wedding season has arrived folks – couple’s everywhere will soon be walking down the aisle to profess their love or one another and skip off gloriously in to the sunset. We’ve made life a little bit easier for you with a weeks worth of wedding inspiration! Whether you are the one walking down the isle, your best friend, daughter or granddaughter; incorporating handmade items adds a perfect sentimental touch to the whole day.



Vintage Bridal Hair Clip by Heike Linnek

I can’t sew but that doesn’t matter, there are tons of possibilities to create individual fabric projects without using a sewing machine. Go along with me and let’s discover them. More and more couples decides to celebrate a vintage themed wedding. Vintage weddings are kind of romantic and elegant with a touch of past times. It can be defined very individually but the romantic touch is always presented. This really romantic sparkling flower clip can be used in several ways: the bride’s hair, the groom’s buttonhole or, in a bigger dimension, as wedding bouquet, or for any decoration. Click on the link above to find out all the necessary products to create your own vintage hair clip.

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More GREEN Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

With tomorrow being Earth Day, our Artists In Residence have created these fun, upcycled projects to show you how easy it is to use a variety of different items to transform into works of art.

Bringing New Life To An Old Keepsake


by Penny Ward

I have never painted and stenciled furniture before. With that said, this project was so easy, I can’t wait to find something else to tackle. This little table was my mothers, so of course it means the world to me. However, it was beyond ugly (sorry mom), but this table needed a little something something. I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out using a few inks, stencil and a Sponge Dauber. Learn how to transform furniture here.


Retro Picture Frame


by Heike Linnek

A few days after we were asked to do an upcycling project I got hold of an old and ugly plastic picture frame. There were two choices: chuck it away or pimp it up. Of course I did the last one, and now it is the perfect frame to present a photo showing my beloved Dad in the 1960s. This technique using Creative Medium and Embossing Powder is very easy to do and gives a true metallic retro effect. Make your own picture frame.


Earth Day Treasure Box


by Renee Zarate

It is never to early to start training children to respect our home, Mother Earth, by recycling whenever we can. What might seem to be trash, like this old shoebox, can be turned into a lovely treasure box easily using scraps from other projects. Transform your own show box.


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