Which Imagine Products are Suitable for Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling + Imagine

by Neva Cole


I was recently introduced to a newer trend in paper crafting- Bible journaling. I was excited to get started so I bought a new journaling Bible with 2-inch margins to allow for artwork. When I got home my excitement was tempered because I was hesitant to try out different inks and products on my brand new pages because I didn’t want to ruin them! I also wasn’t keen on buying more papercrafting supplies because I already owned a plethora of fun Imagine products that just needed to be tested. Product formulations cause them to react with the very thin Bible paper in ways that are different from normal cardstock. Inks can easily bleed through to the back side, and in a few cases of really juicy pads onto the next page! Some products are too opaque for use over the printed portions on the page, but others are suitable depending on the type of application.

To do a few experiments I found a small New Testament at an estate sale, and it turned out to be a good one-dollar investment. I was somewhat surprised with a few of the results. For each initial ink test I chose a dark blue ink (except for Delicata as it doesn’t come in blue) and a bold script stamp and stamped directly on the page over a printed section. The pigment-based inks work wonderfully for most stamping and application with Sponge Daubers or InkBlushers. The lighter hues have less show through when used for stamping. In the second round of testing I used Creative Medium Original and Shimmer as a gesso-like layer and had some amazing results.

Shown above is my entry for Romans 15:13. I practiced on scrap paper twice to get the spacing and color combinations just right! The edge was painted with Creative Medium Shimmer and allowed to dry. The images were stamped and heat set as the Creative Medium makes the surface less absorbent. The hand written portion can be added during the process or after the ink is heat set. I choose the sparkly shimmery Delicata and related products because this passage spoke to me about power and hope.

The following products are  my recommendations for Bible journaling: (all examples are shown in a small New Testament that has slightly thicker paper than full-size journaling Bibles.)



I recommend VersaMagic, Radiant Neon and Memento Luxe. In these photo collages I show the reverse below each application.

There is a slight bleed through with Memento Luxe, but I didn’t feel it was too strong.


I also recommend Memento Dual Tip Markers, Fabrico Markers and VersaColor Ink.

Memento Dual Tip Markers: a light hand with the fine tip will result in slight bleed through- and this is similar to results using other recommended brands of fine tip pens. This gives you a larger selection of colors to choose from as well!

Fabrico Markers: very little bleed through, one of the surprises! The bullet tip is very broad compared to the Memento Dual Markers.

VersaColor: dark colors seem to exhibit slight bleed through.


For added embellishments I recommend VersaMark with either pigment powder or chalk, as well as Essential Glue Pad with glitter.


The following products are recommended, but with the cautions as indicated. Drying time or heat setting the product is recommended to avoid transfer to the opposite page in most cases.


I recommend using thin applications of Creative Medium and StazOn Studio Glaze. Allow ample air dry time for both to avoid transfer. Larger areas of application with StazOn Studio Glaze may cause slight page wrinkling, but I really liked it for its transparent coverage.

Other recommendations that are not shown above:

Shimmer Mist: Frost and Sparkle are the most transparent, mask all area around intended artwork area and heat or air dry. Seems to cause slight page wrinkling.

Embossing Powder: only white will not show through.

All-Purpose Ink: create very light hues with Ink Potion No. 9 for custom color sprays. Mask all areas around intended artwork area.

The following are not recommended without Creative Medium due to bleed through or high opacity.


Encore, Memento Inkpads and Kaleidacolor all had high bleed through.



Delicata, VersaFine and StazOn also had high bleeding. I did try StazOn for watercolor applications and found it ideal.

Other products that I did not find satisfactory not shown above are Fireworks!, Walnut Ink, irRESISTible Spray and Pico Embellisher, and all but white Embossing Powders.

In my second test for the more aggressive inks I was pleased to see that Creative Medium Original and Shimmer worked nicely on the page and prevented bleed through. (The page will wrinkle after application, but Bible journaling is not about perfection!) Heat setting ink or allowing for a longer dry time is required as the ink will sit on top of the Creative Medium layer. All of the inks in the recommended category are suitable for use with Creative Medium. Products that I do not recommend alone that also worked with this added layer are StazOn, Delicata, Encore and VersaFine.

If you have joined the Bible journaling movement, you might want try a few of these Imagine products to add some fun color to your journaling artwork. Experiment on printer paper to get a feel for the product and create away! Please be aware that paper in your Bible may not react in the same way as these trials, so if you are wary of a product, test it first before using it on a favorite passage. These are suggestions based on my experiences with each of the products tested. I have enjoyed the journey of discovery and look forward to continuing my journey of exploring the Word of God through Bible Journaling.