Ikea – the ultimate relationship test.

Ikea can make or break any relationship. If you and your significant other can make it through a day of moving and assembling Ikea furniture – put a ring on it because they’re a freaking keeper!!

Once you’ve made it past putting together an entire 6ft shelf with an annoyingly tiny twisty wrench thingy and realized you’ve found the one, it’s time to own that flat-pack furniture and personalize it.

image (image via Refinery 29)

Ikea has a great selection of unfinished wood pieces that vary from shelves & drawer units to entire bed frames. Customizing these pieces has never been easier! You can stain, paint, stamp, stencil any unfinished piece to your hearts content. Below are some great pieces of inspiration that can take your blah furniture piece to something truly unique. Click on each photo to learn how to make these chic Ikea Hacks!

How to Customize IKEA finds { lilluna.com } SO CUTE!   Otomi_Ikea_Hack_Table_2_e2f34d6c-aa0b-4836-918b-a69500eb2ff3ikea hack rast side tablesrast_campaignhack2 DippedSVALBO

If you are wanting to go beyond unfinished wood pieces, I highly recommend you check out Ikea Hackers. Every wonderful Ikea hack you could possibly dream of all in one place!

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