Travel Journals & Keepsakes!

Summer means plenty of trips and travel adventures! What better way to treasure those memories than with a travel journal?

2015_June_JN_Traveljournal_MainSimple Folded Keepsake by Jowilna Nolte

We all love traveling, and I for one would never be home if traveling was free – as the saying goes! But for now I am concentrating on traveling locally and with all the ticket stubs and travel related documents that we collect I created this quick and easy folded travel journal… read more

2015_PW_artist_lazysummer_Main       2015_June_RJ_TravelJournal_Main_WM

Sand Between Your Toes by Penny Ward                       Suede Travel Journal by Roni Johnson


Oh The Places You Will Go!

Cherish your travel memories and pay homage to the quintessential “tacky tourist” with these projects from our wonderfully talented Artist’s in Residence, Cathy Andronicou & Heike Linnek.

Parisian Key Fob by Cathy Andronicou

Cathy Andronicou shows you how to keep your travel memories on you at all times with this Parisian Key Fob.


Tacky Tourist Signage by Heike Linnek

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