Learn to Make Easy DIY Goldfish Earrings

by Nadine Carlier

Goldfish Earrings by Nadine Carlier (ic)

My daughter has been playing with this shrink plastic that I got her awhile ago, and while watching her, I came up with this idea to stamp onto the plastic sheets with some layered stamps and make some earring with them. Jewelry isn’t something I normally make, but these were so easy to make I want to more.  For the goldfish stamps, I wanted to create metallic sparkly scales, and the Brilliance Ink worked even better than expected.
Below, I put together a tutorial video showing how I created these cute little shrinky dink goldfish earrings…..

Skill: Beginner
Time: 30 min



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Geometric DIY

Hi Imagine Crafters!
I’ve recently moved to a new apartment and was in need of a tote bag to put my groceries in. Here in Seattle we are charged 5 cents for every bag. While canvas bags are cost-efficient and durable, they’re not always the cutest. So to spice things up a bit I created a super simple geometric design using masking tape, a paint brush and a few different colors of All-Purpose Ink.
—-          —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-         —-

bag w tapeStep 1 – Mask off your design.

High School geometry and I may not have been the best of friends, but geometric designs are jam! You can select a variety of colors to use or go with just one. All-Purpose Ink works well for this projects because once it’s heat set it is wash safe! 


bag 2Step 2 – Get Crafty

As you can see, I ended up adding two additional diamond like shapes to the tote. The triangle design on its own seemed a tad lonely.



bag 4

Step 3 – Enjoy!

I had a lot of fun with this project. In some of the shapes I was able to shade and create a nice dimensional effect instead of all flat colors. You can do this by using the same brush throughout to project to lift up different pigments. Now to go shopping, show off my work to world and have everyone at Trader Joe’s super jealous of my tote-ally awesome tote bag.

All-Purpose Ink colors: Black Pearl, Frost White, Champagne Mist

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY tote, share your own handy creations with us on Facebook or comment below!