Inking on Burlap Canvas

Furry Family

by Monica Edwards

A handmade custom home decor art piece made by inking a stretched burlap canvas with StazOn and Encore Ulitmate Metallic inks with photo of the family dog and the world Family in Silver chipboard.

For those of us who own pets generally they are just as much as part of our family as our own kids. My daughter would often pick up every stray humanly possible off the street and bring them home. I remember coming home to a dog with one tooth, shaggy fur that looked like it had not had a bath in years, just laying and relaxing on my expensive couch! But they can worm their way into your heart, and become another member of the Family!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 2 hours



Step 1

Take some washi tape and create a pattern across the stretched burlap canvas. Dab some StazOn Opaque ink in Cotton White onto a Jumbo Dauber and blot across the areas your masked off with the washi tape. Then apply some Encore Ultimate Metallic in Pink to add some extra color and shine.


Step 2

Leaving the tape on the canvas, lay the stencil on top of the canvas. Using StazOn ink in Jet Black and a dauber, ink over the stencil design pieces you want to show. Once done remove the washi tape to reveal perfect stripes!


Step 3

Fussy cut your furry friend photo and adhere to canvas. Add a sentiment with any embellishments you would like for a complete finished look. A perfect wall hanging for my daughter who loves dogs any size, any color!


  • Burlap stretched canvas
  • StencilGirl – Decorative Curly Ornament
  • Chipboard Sentiment – Family
  • Adhesive
  • Other Embellishments (optional)