Learn to Planning Ahead with Your Colors

Get Organized With Color

by Neva Cole


The challenge of organizing supplies is a never ending dilemma! Most seasoned crafters have accumulated so many fun products to work or play with on our projects, we may forget what all is available at our fingertips unless we have a way to visualize our stash! At times we may be stymied by color choice or product choice when getting started on a project.


To address both of these issues I decided to develop a color swatch chart for all my Imagine products. It is a great way to track your inventory and help you know what new products you might need to add to your stash! There are also additional spaces for your glitter, flocking, beads, and other media that may be in your collection. At first glance it may seem time consuming to create the swatch cards (okay it is!), but their value will be quickly realized when your mojo is struck when you glance through the swatch cards and are able to pick a new medium and technique to continue your project! Be forewarned, this is not a project to tackle without allowing time to let swatches dry. Take your time and enjoy going through your supplies and create color swatches that you will add to and use for years to come!


Step 1

Print each Color Swatch Chart (links in supplies below) on 8.5” x 11” white cardstock. They are organized in the basic ROYBIV with the addition of pink, brown/tan, black/white/gray, and metallics. Print two-sided to simplify a set of swatches. The Color Swatches are organized to include the products for each color family. Note: not all products will appear on every card. For example, there are no red Encore! Ultimate Metallic or Radiant Neon inks, so these are not included on the red swatch card.


Step 2

Stamp each color of ink on the appropriate card with a small image. For this example, a small image of a rubber stamp is used. For white samples stamp on black cardstock and punch out sample to adhere to the color swatch chart. Label each color in pencil, as it does not run if it accidentally gets wet.


Step 3

Die cut a small tag to stamp and edge with each color of ink at the same time. These tags can be placed on the back of the inkpads. Now the stored pads are easy identifiable. Alternately, the stickers included with the inkpad can be stamped if stored in stacks.


Step 4

For media that migrates through paper or is more difficult to control in its application, such as a spray- apply to separate cardstock punched pieces to adhere on the color swatch. This example uses a small decorative square punch. This avoids bleed through to the opposite side or over spray. If questionable, test before adding to color swatch. This is best for media such as All-Purpose Ink, Fireworks!, Walnut Ink, Creative Medium, and StazOn Studio Glaze.


Neva’s black/white/gray and metallics color watch sheets.

Step 5

Assemble all extra pieces to your color swatch page. You can three hole punch to create a notebook, or slip into plastic sleeves and ring together.


Neva’s green and purple/violet color swatch sheets.

If you are not sure where to start with collecting your Imagine stash, check out all of the wonderful videos and tutorials that are available through the blog and Imagine website.




  • White cardstock in 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
  • White and black cardstock pieces
  • Stamp of choice
  • Small paper punch of choice
  • Heat tool for embossing powders and Amplify!
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive



Gift Card Organizer

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