Pomp & Circumstance

by Penny Ward


Graduation is such a special day as they walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. It is the end of childhood and a beginning into adulthood. Commemorate your graduate with a specially made card to recognize their achievement. Simple to make, just change the colors to coincide with your school theme. (Return here tomorrow to find a matching gift) Learn this graduation worthy sentiment on the Imagine Craft “MAKE” page!

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Watch a Video on he Incredible Multi-Purpose Squeegee!

Imagine Crafts has an array of quality tools with multiple uses for all your crafting needs, like our Multi-Purpose Squeegee! Enjoy the video below and learn more about this fun useful tool.

The incredible, truly versatile Multi-Purpose Squeegee from IMAGINE Crafts is an essential tool for any artist! Tina McDonald is here to show how to use this tool for applying mediums, creating textures and patterns, and even using it for cleaning!

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