Creative Rebellion

Recently something different appeared in our office bathrooms. It was large, round, and very industrial in appearance. Something you might come across in an airport during your holiday travels.


I don’t normally consider myself to be a fussy gal, but my backside prefers a little more softness than this roll provides, especially during the cold, dry winter months. My inner voice worked hastily to calm me down. Perhaps this was a short-lived mistake and would soon remedy itself.

The days passed and the rolls kept appearing. Were they some new type of self-replenishing rolls? Was this the new protocol for our office? What was going on?? Questions had to be asked.

It turns out our office supply vendor had delivered the rolls by mistake. When notified about the error, they determined the expense to send a delivery person to retrieve the rolls was more than the rolls themselves. We were advised to keep or destroy them ourselves.


Our offices are located in the Pacific Northwest. We subscribe heart and soul to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy. These rolls were not going into the landfill! Furthermore, our purchasing manager had determined the way to encourage us to use up these rolls of scratchy oppression was to delay re-ordering the gentle, fluffy, pillow-soft sheets preferred by animated dancing bear families on our televisions until we had depleted the supply sent in error. Fair enough. After all, how many more rolls could there be? We must be near the end by now.

THERE ARE STILL 2 FULL CASES IN OUR SUPPLY CLOSET! (please provide the horror movie soundtrack in your head as you re-read that sentence.)


Enough is enough! We’re creative types – time to apply a little creative thinking to solving this issue. She said we needed to use it up but didn’t specifically say that it had to be used as originally intended. I’m sensing a loophole…

So, I took a long strip into my office and sprayed it with Walnut Ink. After drying, I tied it together and created a quick flower for my hair.


Maureen saw the path I was on and used Memento Ink, Shimmer Spritz, and the Essential Glue Pad to create a candy cane for her office.


As usual, our very creative Katie raised the bar with her lovely reindeer using Creative Medium, All-Purpose Ink, and a little glitter.


We’ve made a dent but still have to far to go.


Help us out. What crafty projects have you created with unexpected household items?

Post a picture on our Facebook page and you could win your own roll of industrial toilet paper. (Who said creative thinking couldn’t apply to prizes?)

5 thoughts on “Creative Rebellion

  1. ROFL – Oh My!!! Too funny! Since it’s that time of the year you could make garland with it – then make puff balls of different sizes and colors to hang off the garland. Hmmm, I’m seeing puffy clouds spritzed Summer Sky Fireworks!, with rainbows of colored toilet paper emanating from them. Maybe someone could dress up as the toilet paper Santa Clause with a giant tp belly and beard.

    Have fun with your tp revolution.

  2. Rofl here too, make wreaths for all seasons , garlands for office doors,banners of hope- support a cause by auctioning it off, can it be used like Kraft paper?

  3. thanks for the giggle – maybe the office needs to buy a large container of ointment also to ease your way through the months ahead. Wreath – poke squares into wreath base. A woven table cloth with stamped images on the cloth. Good luck and plan for a party when the last roll is used up.

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