Be Extra Creative Today with Sentiments of Love

We have two projects today that share something in common– they both use sentiments of love! Tenia uses handlettering to get across a loving message in a journal page that can serve as a reminder to practice love in all things. While Renee creates a “miss you” greeting card that can be given out any time. Both are great projects to fill your day with a positive vibe!

Hand lettering with memento markers

Hand lettering with Memento Markers by Tenia Nelson

Tenia here from Jazzy Paper Designs with a super fun project made with Tsukineko and Imagine products. Learning to hand letter your craft projects is a life-long study. You can spend hours each day and thousands of sheets of paper practicing loops of an “l” or the descender shapes of a “g”. I am guilty of such an obsessive study. In the above photo, I share the fruits of my labor!! I untwisted the nozzle of my Fireworks bottle and tapped some splashes out on the page, then wrote the sentiment “do it with love” in orange, then followed through with outlining in fine point with black ink. I kept this simple, and of course you can add more details, words, and photos if you wish to turn this into a more art journal project. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!


  • Art Journal


miss you greeting card handmade by renee zarate

Miss You Handmade Card by Renee Zarate

Like most crafters, I have a stash of cards that can be used at a moment’s notice. When I make master boards, I generally make a few cards or ATCs with the remains of the main project and into my emergency reserve they go. Our color challenge this month was “Tangerine”, a cheerful color of summer, so I decided to make a master board combining all different shades of orange that I have on hand. Objects in nature are never a single flat color but generally an eye pleasing combination of multiple shades of one color, including tangerines.

Tangerine Masterboard for handmade cards

First, I created a monochromatic master board using different shades of orange. I sprayed water on a piece of Mixed Media paper, laid a stencil on top of the wet paper and with a large dauber began pouncing different colors of orange inks. I wiped off the stencil with a baby wipe and dried the paper with a heat tool. Next, I cut a piece of the master board measuring 2 ½” x 3 ½” (standard ATC size). Then, I decorated the masterboard piece with a bird stamp and die cut, washi tape and stamp a sentiment “miss you”, and heat emboss with clear embossing powder.

From here it is smooth sailing. I finished the card by mounting the masterboard piece on mat panel of black, gray and orange cardstock, again on black cardstock, then onto patterned paper and finally mount to a blank white card base. For one last polishing touch, I colored a few paper flowers with ink, let dry and attached them to the upper corner of the card with a strong adhesive.


  • Sizzix – Bird Talk stamp & die set
  • Big Kick machine
  • Washi tape
  • Sketchbook 11” x 14”
  • Strathmore 140 lb. Mixed Media paper
  • Cardstock – black, gray, orange
  • Blank card
  • Heat tool
  • Baby wipes
  • Paper towels

Color of the Month for June

June Color of the Month is Tangerine

We are excited to announce the Color of the Month — Tangerine! Everyone month Imagine highlights a different color to show off our catalog of inks. The Tsukineko brand offers this rich orange color in All-Purpose Ink, VersaColor, Memento, Radiant Neon, Radiant Neon Amplify and StazOn. And Imagine’s offers two in house products — the recent release of the 2oz bottle of Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray in Tangelo as well as IrRESISTibles Pico Embellisher Tangelo.

Tangerine is a deep orange color that evokes a festive vibe, the warmth of summer, and tangy flavors of fruit! Some of the trends we see with this color are….

tangerine tiles

Moroccan tiles…

Tangerine Tiles Stamp StazOn Tsukineko ink Orange Zest

Bohemian theme home decor or stamps…

camp vibes DCWV scrapbook paper

and Camp Fire or Outdoors themes.

We offer this color challenge to our Artist in Residence to bring forward in their June project submissions, so be on the lookout for how our team uses this vibrant color. We also offer this challenge to you. If you feel inspired by Tangerine and use Imagine or Tsukineko inks then please tag us in your Instagram or Facebook posts. We would love to see what you create!

Make Your Ink Blending Easy with VersaMagic

by Jowilna Nolte

Blending colors can be tricky but when you use amazing inks like Tsukineko’s VersaMagic chalk inks, then blending and creating a seamless look is magical. For this blog post, I show you how to color a chipboard piece blended with four colors of pigment ink for a gorgeous earth toned ombre look. This chipboard can be used in a scrapbook, card or any craft project you choose. Let’s get started!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15-20 minutes


Step 1

Select a piece of chipboard you want to color as well as four colors of VersaMagic Dew Drop inks. I chose Gingerbread, Thatched Straw, Malted Mauve, Perfect Plumeria in VersaMagic and a tall, card-sized chipboard from Celebr8.

Step 2

Think about each color roughly taking up a quarter of the chipboard. In other words, if you have a 4-inch tall chipboard then each color will ink a 1-inch section. Start by tapping the lightest color (Thatched Straw) onto the top section of your chipboard piece. Repeatedly tap the ink over each other until the color is the nice and solid in coverage. VersaMagic is a juicy ink and will saturate rather quickly.

Step 3

Repeat the process with your second color (Malted Mauve). This time slightly overlap onto your first color when inking to blend colors.

Step 4

Repeat the process using your third color (Perfect Plumeria) again overlapping onto the second color a bit.

Step 5

Repeat with your last and fourth color (Gingerbread) overlapping onto the third color a bit.

Step 6

Use your finger tip or a sponge dauber to lightly rub over the overlapping areas. Because the pigment inks will stay wet for a little while longer than dye ink, the colors will blend more easily and beautifully. Set aside and allow to dry thoroughly before using on a card or other paper projects.

In the image above you can see how this blending technique can be used on any chipboard design.


  • Celebr8 – “You Were Born to Stand Out” chipboard
  • Cardstock

Learn How to Create Monday Motivation

by Jessica Litman

Happy Monday! As you plan your week, Check out Jessica Litman's quick tips on a week-long planner layout. blue ink Tsukineko Memento Dew Drops.

Planner spreads don’t have to be overly complicated. In this quick and easy tutorial, all you need are stamps, Xyron Sticker Maker, double-sided Tear It Tape and Memento Dew Drops! Adding your personal touch to your weekly planner never looked so good!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 5 minutes + plan time


Lilac Walnut ink spray used to color cardstock. cut into strips for planner decor.
Step 1

Start by spraying Lilac Walnut ink on paper and let dry

memento paris dusk dew drop tsukineko to ink a flag stamp on an acylric block.
Step 2

Decorate the bottom of the planner by using a diamond stamp (main image at the top of the page) with Paris Dusk Memento dew drop to create a border at the bottom of the page. This will give it a washi tape look. Create flag stickers using a flag or banner shape stamp ink pad on white card stock.

xyron sticker maker.
Step 3

Fussy cut the flags and run through Xyron sticker maker. Adhere flags to important events for the week.

double sided tape to use with planner papercrafting
Step 4

Cut the paper spritz with walnut ink paper into thin strips. Use the strips as event dividers. Line the backside with double-sided Tear It tape and adhering the strips to the planner. Add additional stamps to the planner using the Paris Dusk Memento Dew Drop.

memento markers for the planner
Step 5

Record or Plan weekly events using the Memento pens. Sit back and enjoy your well planned and beautifully crafted week!

planner tips for planning out a productive work week!


  • Stamps – diamond
  • Teresa Collins – Love Today Clear Stamps
  • Crafter’s Companion – Clear Stamps
  • Xyron 1.5” Sticker Maker
  • White card stock
  • Stamp block
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Planner

Cutting Class

Learn some basic on cutting tools for crafters.

If you have been paper crafting for a while you have probably made quite an investment in cutting tools. When starting out one might assume that a nice pair of scissors will do. But there are many different tools that have an array of features that make paper crafting easier, and often more fun! Some devices are made out of sturdy materials so they will last a long time but also makes them expensive. We hope to provide some insight on what to buy and when in order to avoid overspending on equipment you may not need…yet.


At the beginning stage, there is a lot to learn about paper, ink, stamping techniques and adhesives used in projects. It is great to learn the basics of composition and design when starting out. Whether making a card, a banner or a paper flower arrangement, most of the learning curve is with the basic layout, color theory, and form. No matter the layout or project, you are probably going to need to cut the paper.

Drawing representing a basic paper trimmer.

Get a perfect edge of the perfect size (almost) each and every time! (User error does cause some heartaches.)

Besides a good pair of scissors, a basic paper trimmer and a few fun punches will be a great start. A trimmer allows accuracy in cutting measurements and straight clean lines. Once a few projects are made using a paper trimmer,  it is hard to go back. Many come with a slide style blade, but there also are guillotine styles. Another beginner essential is a paper punch. These heavy little devices offer basic shapes such as a circle, heart, star or a hexagon and can keep anyone busy for a long time. With a basic punch, the beginner can go crazy on creating paper garlands, adding dimension to a card design or making labels for other projects. 

They are kinda like the ole’ office supply hole punches on steroids.

$ – Paper trimmer $10-20. Do some research and go ahead and get a nice one. This device will be one of your most used tools no matter how long you’ve been playing with paper. Be sure to get one that offers replacement blades. Punches vary from $5-20 each. Beginning investment can range from $35 -$75.


Once the beginner has developed a strong foundation in layout and a working knowledge of materials then it is time to kick it up a notch with more complex designs. One way to do this is with a die cut machine. Die cuts come in basic shapes, basic words and alphabets, as well as more complex designs like flower sets, animal shapes, box templates, edge treatments, etc. The die and paper run through a die cut machine which may be manually cranked or electronic. It acts much like a punch creating perfect shapes. Die cuts can be much more delicate than punch shapes and you can find die cuts that do some really amazing tricks! Using die cuts can be quite joyful, but the price is significant. Once you are ready, invest in the machine and build your die cuts over time. As with punches, think about the variety of uses you will get out of each die when deciding on which ones to purchase.

Hand drawn image of a hand crank die cut machine.

You can get a workout while you create!

$$ – Die Cut Machine $50-$150. Again, do some research and get a nice one. One machine should last you for years. Wait for a sale or a coupon and pick one up. $15-30 for each die set. Your investment could easily reach $100-$200 quickly.


Plotting and crafting meet at last! What takes someone from an intermediate to an advanced crafter is debatable. Since the digital machines are the most expensive, we reserve the price point for the advanced level with the confidence that anyone can make millions of great projects without spending at this level. While digital cutting machines are designed for easy use, we feel the advanced crafter will have the background and experience to get the most out of the flexibility and precision the plotter style machines offer.

Hand drawn image of a digital cutting machine.

It’s like having your very own crafty robot.

$$$ – Digital Die Cut Machine $200-400.

Whether you are just starting in paper crafting or have been crafting for years, we hope this review has helped provide guidance on purchasing tools that will match your needs. Of course, buy whatever devices you wish especially if you are on a Treat Yo Self mission! We recommend the above “levels” for the amount of use one can get before moving on to the next purchase!






Make Sure to Be Fabulous Today with On Point Glue

Fine details can sometimes make a big difference in a project. Imagine artists use On Point Glue (a new product release for March 2017) to give those fabulous finishing touches to their work. Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner. With a different approach, Martha Lucia Gomez adds embellishments to a card created with stencils and Fireworks! craft spray. Check out the directions on each project below! Want to find out more about this fabulous new product? See more here. It will be available in our Shop in March.

Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner.

Flowery Clothespin Paper Clip by Jessica Litman

This clothespin paper clip can add a bit of DIY cuteness to a planner, gift, or workspace for any time of the year or any occasion. Jessica uses both Tear It Tape and On Point Glue, but for the fine detail paper quilling On Point Glue works the best.


Use tear it tape for almost any project. Double sided Tear It! Tape is great for heavier projects.
Step 1

Cut a piece of cardstock to the size of the large clothespin and attach the paper to the clothespin using Tear It! tape.

Jessica Litman creates mini paper flowers on a clothespin for a planner. On Point Glue.
Step 2

Cut a thin, long piece of pink cardstock. Roll pink cardstock into a circle. Let circle open a little. Using On Point Glue, adhere the end of the circle to itself. Hold for approximately 20 seconds before setting down.

On Point Glue is great for small intricate projects.

Step 3

Put a circle of On Point Glue onto the clothespin. Press pink circle onto the glue. Cut two thin pieces of green cardstock. Roll each green cardstock into an oval. Adhere the end of the oval to itself. Hold for approximately 20 seconds. Attach green ovals (or flower leaves) near the pink circle onto the clothespin. Cut another piece of thin, long pink cardstock to start a second flower and repeat previous steps. Attach second flower to the bottom of the large clothespin using On Point Glue and let dry! Enjoy a new handcrafted pin!


  • Large Clothespins
  • Cardstock – purple, pink, green
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors


Martha Lucia Gomez creates a card with Fireworks and On Point Glue. yellow, black, pink, gold.

Fabulous Shades of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez

Stencils are one of my favorite items in my craft supplies and they’re the best tools with inks and sprays. In this project, I combined these elements to create a dimensional background and to keep the shimmer only Fireworks can offer. This fun technique can be used with any kind of stencils for cards or journals.


Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. black, yellow, shimmer, ink, spray.

Step 1

Take a piece of cardstock and secure your stencil. Spray paper with Dandelion Fireworks and Tuxedo Black Fireworks. Keep in mind that the effect obtained with the sprays is unpredictable, but you can obtain less intensity of the color when you apply the spray from afar and more color when you apply it closer to the paper.


Step 2

Remove your stencil and clean it with water. Place stencil again over the paper with a little adjustment of the original image and select the color of ink that you want to apply. Apply the ink on the free areas. I chose the pink from the Kaleidacolor Baby Powder and I applied the ink with a brush.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. stencil, pink, gold, black, swirls, shimmer.

Step 3

Remove the stencil and clean with soap and warm water. Add another layer of color. Combine colors of ink or use only one.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. On Point Glue is a great fine point glue for embellishments.

Step 4

Paste the decorated layer over the card base using Tear It! tape. Cut a sentiment using gold paper and apply the embellishments with On Point Glue.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. With the On Point Glue, you can control the amount of glue for intricate projects and delicate details as die cuts and rhinestones like I did on greeting card.

Step 5

Finally add the black stripe to the side as an accent. One of the features of On Point Glue is it also works great for larger or heavier pieces.

Fabulous Shades Of Fireworks by Martha Lucia Gomez. pink, black, gold, fabulous, shimmer effect.


  • Cardstock
  • Gold paper
  • Hero Arts – Swirl Stencil
  • The Ton – Fabulous Die Cut
  • Black rhinestones