Hope & Strength Call for Art

Call for Hope & Strength Art

In tough times we all need to focus on being strong and supporting each other. Submit a photo of an Inspiration-themed project. Some of the themes can include: Hope, Love, Faith, Prayers, Be Strong, Hang in There, Stay Strong, Brighter Days are Ahead, Journal pages, At-home crafts, etc.

Submit an attractive 600 x 600 pixel square or 900 x 900 pixel square photo of your project, a short description and a link to your Instagram profile or blog to marketing@imaginecrafts.com. Submissions are due by Monday, March 30th, 2020

We will review all submissions and post a collection in one blog post and will share it on our social media platforms. Potential reach = 10,000 followers.

Call for Spring Time Art

Call for Spring Time Art

Be published on the Imagine Blog! Submit a photo of a Spring related project using (mostly) Imagine or Tsukineko products. Some of the spring themes can include: Spring is Coming, Happy Spring, Happy Birthday, Baby Shower, St Patricks’s Day, Easter, Spring Cleaning, Organize the Home, Mason Jar Crafts, Wedding Preparation, Earth Theme crafts, Floral Wreaths on cards or large Paper flower wreaths.

Submit an attractive 600 x 600-pixel square or 900 x 900-pixel square photo of your project, a short description and a link to your Instagram profile or blog to marketing@imaginecrafts.com.

We will review all submissions and post a collection in one blog post and share it on our social media platforms. Potential reach = 10,000 followers.

Submission Deadline is Tuesday, March 10th, 2020


Quick & Easy Projects: Stamping on Fabric with Memento Luxe

by LeeAnn McKinney

Today, I am bringing you not one(sie) but two(sie) projects I made using baby outfits and fabric-safe ink from Imagine. We have a new granddaughter in the family, and I used this opportunity to make these outfits for her and share how I did so. See how easy it is to create a handmade gift for your new little one in your life.

Memento Luxe in Rich Cocoa,Wedding Dress, Dandelion

My Favorite Things

Sun Rays Stencils

Craft Mat

My Favorite Things

You Are My Sunshine stamp

Acrylic Block


Sponge Daubers

Baby Onesie

Additional Onesie

Quick and Easy Projects: Valentine Gift Bag with Memento Luxe

by LeeAnn McKinney

Hi there friends! So as you can tell, I like making gifts for people. This little Valentine’s bag is just too cute. By the time Valentine’s Day arrives I will have 3 grandchildren, and I am making one of these bags for each, even though the third will be a newborn. This is also the second gift bag I have made fr Valentine’s Day. See the end screen videos to see my candy bag for Valentine’s gifts!

With just a few products, you too can make one of these backs quickly.

Delicata in Golden Glitz
and Ruby Red

 Memento Luxe – Rich Cocoa 


Fabric Mini Bags

Acrylic Block

Hero Arts – CM211 CHERUBS

Dollar Tree Stencil Wheel

Imagine Craft Mat


Call for Imagine Design Team for 2020

Imagine is proud to announce its call for Imagine’s Design Team for 2020! We are looking to change things up this year and are looking for artists and designers who can inspire the next generation of beginning crafters with amazing projects using Imagine and Tsukineko products.

We are looking for 5 energetic video artists to fill two different roles for 2020:

3 Beginner Crafters Project/Tutorial Artists who will submit 2 edited videos per month featuring a quick and easy project and/or technique intended for the beginning level crafter. We intend these projects to look simple, clean and easy to complete in 3-4 steps. See our Blog for an example.

2 Intermediate to Advanced Technique Artists who will submit 2 edited videos per month featuring a crafting technique or how-to project intended for all crafters. We intend these projects to look simple, clean and able to complete in 5-8 steps.

Basic requirements:

  • Commitment of one year — January 1st, 2020 – December 31st, 2020.
  • Ability to professionally photograph, film, edit and submit high-res JPG images and video.
  • Submit clearly written and detailed descriptions in English for each project, including a list of supplies.
  • Socially active online with an established blog and Facebook or Instagram presence.
  • Not currently employed and/or affiliated with competing manufacturers including as a design team member, guest designer, etc.


  • Exposure of your work 
  • Generous supply of Imagine and Tsukineko products
  • Opportunities to grow your stash with the product from Imagine’s preferred partners.
  • Links back to your blog or website

Show Us Your Artwork!

Show us just how creative you are! Make a project using Imagine or Tsukineko products. We are looking for clean and simple papercrafting or art projects that reflect a modern aesthetic.

Submission Process for Round 1

Send your submission to marketing@imaginecrafts.com with the subject line of “DesignTeam Round 1 <your name>”. Your email must include: which role you are applying, name, mailing address, phone number, email address, your personal blog and/or website address, and two links to video content of your work, a 700px wide jpg of your original artwork. Please name your photograph “DesignTeam_<your name>_2020.JPG” 

Round 1 submissions are due by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, November 7th. Those artists who will be continuing on to the next round will be contacted by Wednesday, November 13th with further instructions.

See How to Achieve Bliss with All-Purpose Ink and Embroidery

by Iris Rodriguez

See How to Achieve Bliss with All-Purpose Ink and Embroidery

I have a confession. I am not a sewing person, whatsoever. However, I do like textile arts and a friend, who destashed her crafting supplies, gave me a gallon bag of embroidery thread. Well, it was time to challenge myself with an embroidery project. I made this wall hanging using All-Purpose Inks to color the plain fabric and stitch some whimsical stitches.

Skill: Advanced
Time: 2-4 hours

Step 1

For this project, you will need fabric for embroidery. You have several options of fabric that will work; 100% cotton; linen, muslin or specialized needlework linen. I bought a piece of 100% cotton remnant from my local fabric store. You will also need embroidery hoops and thread. Fasten the fabric to the hoops.

Step 2

Spray water on the fabric. Place a small drop of Red Delicious All-Purpose ink.

Step 3

Spray water onto the drop of the All-Purpose ink. The color will spread out, creating cool effects and shapes.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with the rest of the All-Purpose Inks; Thyme, Wisteria, Blue Lagoon. Allow the project to dry. You can allow it to dry naturally or dry with an iron to speed up the process. At this point, you will find that the colors are lighter than when the fabric was wet. You can darken the color by adding more ink.

Step 5

Determine the embroidery thread you will use. I like to use a contrasting color.

Step 6

Use embroidery needles for your project. They are designed with wider holes than a regular needle.

Step 7

Embroider onto the fabric. If you are not familiar with embroidery stitching techniques as was the case with me. The internet is an excellent resource; do a general search, Pinterest has great pics of stitches and mini visual tutorials, YouTube has stitching videos as well. Above I choose some simple star and X-shape patterns. If you wish to add lettering or an image, it helps if you have a guide. Use a regular pencil to mark up the fabric. Stitch over the pencil mark.

Step 8

No matter the stitch you use, you must make a knot in the back when you are finished with a segment. Add different stitch types for added variation. Once you are finished. Cut the excess fabric. Glue the excess fabric onto the hoop.


  • Fabric for embroidery; 100% cotton, linen, or muslin
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Embroidery Needles