Project Swap: Create a You Are My Hero Card

Project Swap: Create a You Are My Hero Card

Welcome to another set for our Artist Project Swap with Kassy and Melissa. For the Month of May, we challenged our artists to exchange tutorials and create each other’s designs in order to see how each of our artists interprets style and choices. The receiving artist did not know who designed the project, nor did they receive any images! In today’s post, Kassy gives the directions and recommended supplies list and Melissa created the project.

Create a You Are My Hero Card by Melissa Andrew

Today, I create a fun card using a number of techniques that were designed and instructed by design team member Kassy Tousignant. This was a challenge created by Imagine to help show customers how diverse Imagine and Tsukineko products really are. If you don’t have something a designer uses, you can improvise!


  • Whimsy Stamps –  Lattice Stencil, sentiment stamp
  • SugarPea Designs Stamp – Peony stamp, Postage Stamp die
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors – fine and regular
  • Foam Dots
  • Heat Tool
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Cardbase

Original Design by Kassy

What do you think of Melissa’s interpretation of Kassy’s tutorial?

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Project Swap: Lime Color Happy Birthday Card

Swap Project: Floral and Lime theme Happy Birthday Card

Welcome to the first set for our Artist Project Swap with Arjita and Elina. For the Month of May, we challenged our artists to exchange tutorials and create each other’s designs in order to see how each of our artists interprets style and choices. The receiving artist did not know who designed the project, nor did they receive any images! In today’s post, Arjita’s turn to give the directions and recommended supplies list and Elina created the project.

Lime Color Theme Happy Birthday Card by Elina Stromberg

I have to admit that I’m bit rebellious when it comes to detailed project instructions. Reading tutorials and watching instruction videos is always very inspirational, but the projects I make are very seldom precise replicates of the original projects. In case of Arjita’s tutorial, it includes techniques that I’m not familiar with, so I followed the instructions more carefully in order to learn. But once I think I’m mastering the key points, I tend to go my own way, using my own colors, patterns, and supplies.

On this project, I used two green Memento colors for the background in Bamboo Leaves and Pear Tart. For applying the inks on the background, I used a brayer and decorated the inked background with Shimmer Creative Medium. The stencil I used was not the same as on the original project; I used ‘Corncob Etching’ from TCW.

My card is not as monochromatic as the original project; for coloring the stamped flowers I did not use the background color, but yellow Memento in Cantaloupe and Dandelion. The result looks different, but I’m quite happy with the outcome! I did not want to use too much black on my card, so the die-cut circle background is not black but dark green. My nesting Sizzix dies cut quite a wide border, so I narrowed it to half with my scissors.


  • Altenew – ‘Adore You’ flower stamps
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment stamp
  • Stampin’ Up – ‘Party Pandas’
  • TCW- ‘Corncob Etching” stencil
  • Sizzix – Nesting circle dies
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardbase – White
  • Cardstock – Green

Original Design by Arjita

What do you think of Elina’s interpretation of Arjita’s tutorial?

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Learn How to Upcycle Cork Coasters

by Elina Stromberg

Learn How to Upcycle Cork Coasters

A while ago, I found a pile of old cork coasters in my kitchen cabinet. I had not used them in years and was just about to throw them away, but then I realized they were perfect for small home décor items. Maybe the beautiful material made me change my mind. Nowadays cork is truly a trendy material in craft projects, so I thought I should try to turn the old coasters into something nice and new. And I’m so glad I did!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 30 minutes


Step 1

Remove dust and stains from the coasters.

Step 2

Stamp the images using Onyx Black VersaFine. When stamping, press the stamp firmly on the cork surface. VersaFine is a great ink for solid image stamping and since it is a dense ink it should stamp on the cork well.

Step 3

Color images with All-Purpose Ink. Use irRESISTible Pico Embellisher in Wedding Dress (white) for decorating the stamped and colored images with dimensional paint dots. Let dry.

Step 4

Using a new Fantastix, color in the leaves with All-Purpose Ink in Spring Green.

Step 5

To finish this project, continue stamping and coloring the remaining coasters in your set. You have the option of making all 4 or 6 of your coasters different or repeating the same image for all. If you want to hang the decorated coaster on the wall, attach a loop on the back of the coaster with a strong adhesive.


  • Cork Coasters
  • Stampendous – Nesting Bird Stamp
  • Acrylic block for stamping

Use a Cute Lovebirds Theme in Wedding Decor

by Elina Stromberg

Use a Cute Lovebirds Theme in your Wedding Decor

It will soon be the season for beautiful summer weddings! I found a beautiful lovebirds stamp in my stash and used it for a set of simple and easy-to-make wedding cards. My paper crafting hobby was kick-started by my own wedding 15 years ago. I made birthday cards in the past, but other than that I had very little experience with the tools and the basic techniques of paper crafting. Therefore, creating all wedding invitations, menu cards, place cards, wedding candies and other decorations for our special day was quite an effort, and had I known more paper crafting basics, the task would have been much simpler! In this quick tutorial, I show how the same stamp can be used in different uses and colors so you can see how the same stamp might be used to create many different looks.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 15 minutes per card


Step 1

For this card set, I first stamped the lovebirds image a few times on semi-glossy office paper. I wanted to color the images using Promarker alcohol markers, so I chose a water-based black Memento ink for stamping. If I had used watercolors, I would have stamped the images with VersaFine oil-based pigment ink. Remembering that basic rule of thumb (alcohol markers work with water-based inks (some, not all); watercolors or other wet coloring techniques use with non-water-based inks) will make the coloring steps a lot much easier!

Step 2

Whenever I’m coloring stamped images, I usually use black stamping ink. However, the new VersaFine Clair inks work perfectly for stamped coloring projects. I love how this monotonous purple image turned out!

Step 3

I also created matching napkin rings using the very same love birds stamp. I think they turned out quite nice! I made one colored version and another even more simplified one for which I stamped the lovebirds on white paper with Delicata ink in Shimmering Silver. Elegant and easy!


  • Lovebirds stamp
  • Acrylic block
  • Card bases
  • Glossy Cardstock
  • Cardstock
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

How Did You Get Interested in Papercrafting?

by Amanda Harryman

Four handmade invitations for a baby boy baby shower or sprinkle featuring a fox image from Lawn Fawn..

The Beginner

I know so many started when they were kids, but in my family, we mostly did crafts of the fabric and yarn varieties. Years ago when my BFF (who happens to be my cousin) was planning her wedding, she decided we should make the invites. She was lucky enough to have a co-worker and friend who was able to induct us into the world and showed us some basics that made our first foray into papercrafting a success! I wasn’t able to find an image of that first invite, but my BFF and I continue to papercraft together, often in the form of invitations and programs for happy events.

Best thing about your best friend being your cousin is you have a BFF for life!

Baby Sprinkle

The next happy event is a “sprinkle” for my BFFs second bundle of joy. What’s a sprinkle you ask? It’s what you throw when you don’t really need all the gifts from a shower, but you want to celebrate the arrival of your child anyway! This will be our first invitation project after I started work here at Imagine. It was so exciting to know the best inks to use and to have learned so many fun techniques from all our Artists in Residence! Speaking of our artists—I must have been thinking about this project when we decided to challenge our Artists in Residence this month with “multiples of”. My favorite part of challenging artists…they never do what you think they will do! From Kassy’s Bear Hugs card where she stamped the same image multiple times for a fun tone-on-tone card, to Jennifer Vanderbeek’s stunning example of generation stamping with VersaFine Clair. (Oh man, do I wish I had some VersaFine Clair when I was making my multiple invitations!) I love to see everyone’s take on a few simple words.

Back to the Invites

My cousin knew she wanted a little fox image for the invite and of course, she found an adorable fox from Lawn Fawn. We set a date for planning them out and I found these pre-cut non-traditional card bases I had bought years ago from a store that no longer exists that I thought I would offer up as an idea even though I knew I didn’t have enough for all the invitations we would make. (For anyone in the PNW – how much do you miss The Paper Zone?!) Let’s be honest – these card bases were probably at least a decade old. My BFF shows up with her ideas and she presents an identical set of card bases, bought at the same place at the same time as me, but in blue. We were one big circle punch away from what we think was a pretty cute design in the end.

I used my trusty VersaFine Onyx Black for the fox image and watercolored in with Memento ink. I did all my other stamping in StazOn, because when you are making a bunch of invitations, you don’t want to worry about smudging when you stack them up. StazOn’s quick dry time was perfect. I tried my hand at some lettering with my Memento Markers. I’ll admit some were more successful than others! But now it’s time to have a fun afternoon celebrating and then wait for the big day when we welcome Jakob into this world.

Please do tell us the story of how you fell in love with taking paper, ink and a few other supplies and turning it into something to treasure!

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Craft a “Leather” Purse Made of Paper

by Iris Rodriguez

Every year I give my closest girlfriends and sisters paper purse cards for their birthday. It is kind of my little tradition. Inside I include a note or gift card. I find these gifts to be fun to make. What girl can resist a purse even if it’s not a real purse? This year I wanted to make a faux leather paper purse card. A little edgy, compared to the cutesy type purses I’ve made in the past. I’ve been having so much fun with Imagine’s Walnut Inks, so I thought I’d try doing a faux leather and I was very happy with the results. See how I did it!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1.5 hours


Step 1

Spray the Walnut Ink in Eucalyptus. Dry paper.

Step 2

Spray the Walnut (original color) ink, then spray the Ink Potion No.9. The Ink Potion No. 9 blends the inks very nicely and effortlessly. Let dry.

Step 3

Spray a tiny amount of Walnut Ink in Java in random areas. This ink is intense, a little goes a long way. Spray the Ink Potion No.9 and let dry. Using all the different hues of the Walnut Inks will create a lovely organic look.

Step 4

Draw or print out a purse template and cut your inked paper using template..

Step 5

For this step, I found it easiest to do one fold at a time. Stamp VersaMark ink, add Embossing Powder in Clear and remove the excess powder. Using the tapered tip Doodlestix, rewmove lines to make the leather looking texture. The Embossing Powder will make the paper surface about 2 shades darker which goes further to encourage the worn leather look.

Step 6

With a Brushstix, add VersaMark to the metal embellishment and emboss with Embossing Powder in Gold. Rub on StazOn ink in Spiced Chai using the brush tip Brushstix which helps to get into the crevices carved out by the DoodleStix. Heat again with a heat tool to fuse the ink with the Embossing Powder.

Step 7

Glue the embellishments and studs to the front flap with the On Point Glue.

Step 8

In order to keep the flap closed, adhere a Velcro dot. Write a “Happy Birthday” note on the inside if you desire.

Step 9

Punch out a hole in the folding area of the flap. Attach the chain to jump rings and attach the jump rings to the purse. You can stop here or continue adding details to this little gift as you see fit!


  • Watercolor paper – 12 x 9 inches Cold Press, 300 GSM – 140 lbs
  • Metal Embellishment
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Copper Jumprings
  • Copper Chain
  • Gold Iron-On Studs
  • Purse template
  • Velcro dot