Use a Yogurt Container as a Clay Template

by Iris Rodriguez

Want to make a decorative and functional bowl but do not know where to start? In this tutorial, I show you how to shape a color a bowl with Activa Self Hardening clay and color with Fireworks Sprays. I found that Fireworks plays well with porous or paper clay. The Activa clay is a nice porous clay that takes pigment inks and craft sprays nicely. I blended together Summer Sky, Danube Blue and Tuxedo Black in Fireworks Craft Sprays. Check it out!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 Hour to make the bowl, 2 days total for bowls to air dry


Step 1

For this project, I used Activa Plus clay. In case you’re not familiar with this clay, I will describe its properties. It is an air-dry clay. It is fine, moist, malleable, firm, but not hard. Keep the clay moist by spraying a little water, which also makes it softer. When the clay is wet, it is a beige like color, and when dry it turns off white color. The rate that it dries will depend on the thickness of the project and room temperature. The drier the room, the faster it dries. It is highly porous, which is nice, because it takes just about any kind of medium for coloring onto the clay, such as Imagine’s dye/pigment inks and craft sprays. For this project, I used Fireworks Craft Sprays. Use a wooden board or another non-porous surface to work with this clay.

Step 2

Condition the clay by wedging the clay or just rolling it around.

Step 3

Roll out a sheet of clay. You can use a pin roller or use a clay roller.

Step 4

The clay is usually very smooth when it’s rolled out. If it is not, then smooth out the clay with your fingers, rib tool or another smooth-edged tool.

Step 5

Now we will create a makeshift mold for the bowl shape. I used a small plastic yogurt container.

Step 6

The clay will stick to the plastic. Add newspaper and tape it down with masking tape. Masking tape is ideal; it’s porous and the clay will not stick to it. We could just use the masking tape, but the newspaper with the tape comes off easier as one unit.

Step 7

Drape the clay over the container.

Step 8

Smooth the clay onto the container. Cut the rim with a knife.

Step 9

Add texture to the clay with a jagged rib tool or another textured object.

Step 10

This is optional. Wrap hemp string around the bowl, to add additional texture. Allow the clay to dry for one day.

Step 11

At the start of day 2. The clay will be slightly moist. Because the clay will slightly shrink when it gets completely dry, you risk the clay cracking while the clay is wrapped around the container. Take out the mold while it’s moist. The container comes off easier while the clay is moist; you can maneuver the clay without it breaking or distorting. If you get cracks, wet your finger and smooth it out.

Step 12

Let the clay dry for another day. To determine if it’s dry, take a look at the natural clay color; it will turn an off-white when dry. Also, if the clay feels cold then it’s still wet.

Step 13

Cut off the help string.

Step 14

Spray one layer of the Summer Sky Fireworks! Craft Spray. Allow it dry completely. The color will dry lighter. If you add additional layers allow it dry completely before adding more Craft Spray. If you spray too much at once, it will begin to weaken or activate the clay. Also, by waiting for each layer to dry, you can determine the color intensity that you’ll want. Use a heating tool to speed up the drying process.

Step 15

Spray one layer of the Danube Fireworks! Craft Spray. Allow the clay to completely dry before adding more layers. Use a heating tool to speed up the drying process.

Step 16

Spray one layer of the Tuxedo Black Fireworks! Craft Spray. Allow the clay to completely dry before adding more layers. This spray will look very dark when wet, but when it dries you’ll get a Navy or Prussian Blue type color. Use a heating tool to speed up the drying process.

Step 17

Add On Point Glue. Adhere to the silver leaf. It is very important to seal the bowls. The clay is porous, therefore liquids can weaken or activate the clay. The sealer makes it look purposely finished. You can use a spray sealer like 3M/Krylon or brush on a water-based varnish or polyurethane.



  • Activa Plus Self Hardening Clay – White
  • Modeling clay tools – smooth rib tool, knife, textured rib tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Silver Leaf
  • Hemp string
  • Wooden board
  • Sealer (spray, polyurethane)

See How to Use Blending and Embossing to Create a Beautiful Card

by Martha Lucia Gomez

See How to Use Blending and Embossing to Create a Beautiful Card

Hi there, Martha Lucia here! Today I have a fun project creating a Violet rainbow with your Memento Inks. This month the design team of Image is featuring the amethyst color and I decided to use not exactly violet colors but some colors from the same line.

Skill: Beginner – Intermediate
Time: 20 minutes


Step 1

Most of the work in this design is coloring the background. I started with a whisper white piece of cardstock and masking tape. As you can notice on the photo my initial idea was using four colors of Memento Ink but at the end, I changed my mind and used five. The colors of Memento Ink that I used were Paris Dusk, Grape Jelly, Lilac Posies, Lulu Lavender and the versatile London Fog. By the way, London Fog is one of my favorites colors of Memento Ink because it can be used to no-line coloring and also is great for watercolor and many other techniques.

Step 2

Next, I stamped the large beautiful flower stamp from Waffle Flower’s “In Bloom” stamp set. Since I used dye inks in the background, I can now stamp over the inked layer with VersaMark Ink and MBoss Embossing Powder Sapphire. To create the contrast, I stamped the “Bloom” sentiment over Whisper White cardstock with VersaMark Ink and the same color of MBoss. I fussy cut with scissors the sentiment and added it to the project using double-sided foam tape.

Thank you for stopping by!


  • Waffle Flower – In Bloom Stamp Set
  • Cardstock – Whisper White
  • Masking Tape
  • Stampin Buddy
  • Double-sided Foam Tape
  • Scissors

Learn How to Use Layered Stamps with Heat Embossing

by Lindsay Adreon

Learn How to Use Layered Stamps with Heat Embossing

Stamp layering sets are some of my favorites. It never ceases to amaze me how you can stamp a few different stamps to create BEAUTIFUL images! Today, I’m sharing how to incorporate a little heat embossing into the mix and create more than one card at once by using a stamp positioner!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



  • Mini MISTI
  • Kat Scrappiness Zig Zag Oval Dies
  • Lawn Fawn Cloud Dies
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Waffle Flower – Biking Girls Stamp Set

Stamp and Color this Cute “You Are Loved” Dog Theme Card

by Elina Stromberg

The best way to brighten a grey, rainy autumn day is to play with a set of cute stamps! These adorable dogs and cats by Waffle Flower are a great choice for various card projects, but these furry friends will also look super cute on your planner pages. The set contains lovely sentiment text stamps, and there’s also a great selection of additional elements you can use to decorate your projects with. Those birthday balloons, cupcakes, and party hats will take you to a happy festive mood in no time at all!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour


Step 1

Stamp the dog images on white paper. Color and cut out with scissors. When coloring with alcohol markers, use water-soluble Memento ink for stamping. This will keep the fine lines of the stamp intact. When using watercolors or watercolor pencils, use VersaFine Clair in Nocturne.

Step 2

Take two scrap pieces of green cardstock and cut with Waffle Flower “Scenery” die set.

Step 3

Stamp sentiment “You are” text with the small heart using brown Pinecone VersaFine Clair ink.

Step 4

Paint green grass on the light color cardstock using green Memento inks and a cotton swab.

Step 5

Stamp white clouds on the light blue background paper using stamps from Waffle Flower ‘Layering Marble’ set.

Step 6

Build card background scenery by layering the decorated pieces of light blue and green cardstocks. Trim to desired size and mat on dark blue background. 
Glue dogs and bones on the card. 
Use two-sided tape for attaching the card front to the folded white card base. Trim off excess.


  • Waffle Flower – Pawsome Stamp Set 
  • Waffle Flower – Layering Marble Stamp Set
  • Waffle Flower – Scenery Die cut
  • Acrylic Block
  • Promarkers for coloring
  • Two-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Cotton swab
  • Pieces of white, light blue, and green cardstock
  • Folded card base
  • Paper trimmer
  • Sizzix Die-cutting Machine

See How to Make a Cute Japanese Mountain Scene Greeting Card

by Arjita Sepaha Singh

See How to Make a Cute Japanese Mountain Scene Greeting Card

For today’s card, I used an adorable Konnichiwa Stamp Set by Waffle Flower Stamps and Memento markers to create a mountain scene. I stamped the images on watercolor paper with VersaFine in Onyx Black and then cut out each one individually. VersaFine is a great ink for watercoloring because it does not react with water-based inks. For the sentiment “how are you,” which is in English and Japanese, I used VersaMark ink and white embossing powder. To add some finishing touches, I added Pico Embellisher at few areas which creates a nice dimensional effect. The card is super cute easy to make.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes




VersaFine Inkpad – Onyx Black
• Memento Markers – Grape Jelly, Pear Tart, Angel Pink, Rose Bud, Summer Sky, Rich Cocoa, Espresso Truffle, Lady Bug, Desert Sand
• VersaMark Inkpad
• Mboss Embossing Powder – White


• Waffle Flower – Konnichiwa Stamp Set –
• Cardstock – Arches Cold Press, Violet cardstock
• Misti Stamping Tool
• Paint Brush
• Heat Tool
• Paint Brush
• Scissors

Beginner Guide: Easy Watercolor Technique

by Jowilna Nolte

I love cool watercolor effects achieved by artists in making cards and stamping. With a few stamps and a good water brush, it is easy to make a beautiful card. But the real magic happened when I figured out I can use something as simple as a plastic packet or an acrylic block with inks I owned to create those looks I so love. Take a look at how easy it is…

Memento DewDrop in Grape Jelly

VersaFine Clair in Nocturne

Acrylic Block by Stampin’ Up

Waffle Flower Stamp Set

Stampin Up Cardstock




Dab Memento Dew Drop inkpad onto a piece of plastic. I used Grape Jelly (purple). Mist the ink with water until the color starts to pool. Lift the packet carefully, flip it over and stamp the ink onto the cardstock.

Stamp the ink onto the front of the folded card and leave to dry naturally. Do not put the packet down flat, but rather keep it curled up with both hands and manipulate and stamp the ink where you want to.

Leave the ink to dry on the background and then add your stamped flower and the “Happy Birthday” sentiment. VersaFine Clair is a great stamping ink and layers nicely over the Memento. This quick and easy card design is complete!