Let’s Ink Blend With Some Unlikely VersaFine Clair Ink Colors To Create A Clean and Simple Mother’s Day Card

By Katy Ingram

Hello Friends! Katy here and today I am excited to share a really cool color combination using VersaFine Clair inks.

In today’s video tutorial, I am sharing how I use 5 unlikely VersaFine Clair ink colors to create a beautiful background for silhouette stamps and turn it into a clean and simple Mother’s Day Card. Video has all the details.


Skill: Beginner

Time: 15-20 minutes

Art Supplies

Imagine Products

VersaFine Clair – Paradise, Blue Belle, Warm Breeze, Golden Meadow and Shady Lane https://www.imaginecrafts.com/versafine-clair

Sentiment and silhouette stamping done with VersaFine Clair Nocturne

On Point Glue

Tear It! Tape

Other Products Used

White Card Stock (card base and sentiment strip)

Strathmore 500 Series Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper

The Greetery Lovely Silhouettes Stamp Set

Simon Says Stamp Incredible Woman Stamp Set (happy mother’s day)

Let’s Get Inky! Mother’s Day Card Featuring Different Inking Techniques

By LV Handcrafted

Skill: Advance

Time: 25 minutes

Hello friends! This is Linh (or LV Handcrafted on all the socials). Do you feel like doing something a little abstract?  Try these techniques out for creating some fun backgrounds you can use as panels or die cut out of like I’ve done here.  In my video, I’ll show you 3 techniques for using Imagine inks to turn plain ol’ white cardstock into beautiful, abstract papers. All the techniques are super easy but I’ll list them below in order of what I think is simplest to the most elaborate.

Technique #1 – Swipe your Memento Dew Drop ink pad directly onto your white cardstock. you can create a solid block of color or use a lighter touch to create a more stripy, imperfect effect. Instantly, you’ll have a panel of color cardstock! The benefit to making your own cardstock this way is if you use that ink pad to stamp with, you now have paper that perfectly coordinates with it. 

[Note: I used this technique for the flowers — stems and flower blooms]

Technique #2 – Smear some ink onto a piece of acetate or clear plastic packaging. Spritz with water — more water will dilute the color more, less water will keep the colors strong and vibrant. Smoosh the watered down ink onto a white cardstock panel. Repeat with a single or multiple colors until you have the desired effect.  Tip – if you are using plain cardstock and not watercolor paper, the more water you use, the more your paper will warp.  Try less water or put your panel under a stack of books to flatten it out. 

[Note: I used this technique for the inner heart die cut behind the bouquet of flowers.]

Technique #3 – Start with Technique #1 to lay down a solid block of color. Then, using a Brilliance Dew Drop in Pearlescent finish, make random swipes, swirls, streaks, etc. across your panel.  Brilliance ink is a pigment ink, so it will take a little bit of time to dry, but you can also take a heat gun to the panel or cover with clear Mboss powder and melt it for a lovely shine.  The result is a panel that has some lovely streaks of pearlescent shine.

[Note: I used this technique on the flower blooms to give them an abstract look. I also die cut the word “Mom” and the heart from this panel too.]

Supplies Used


Other Products :

Learn How to Make a Kaleidacolor Mother’s Day Card


By Alison Heikkila

Hello! I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is not really into your typical Mother’s Day card. She’s not really into super flowery, extra sentimental cards. She prefers bolder, more graphic things. So I decided to think “outside of the box” and use triangles! This is a fun and simple way to get a unique looking card with dye based inks from Imagine.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Time: Approx. 20 minutes.



Step 1

Let’s gather our supplies! Grab a Gel Press Petite (I went with a triangle so that I could rotate them 180 degrees each time to get a cool pattern), your favorite Kaleidacolor inkpad, an additional Memento ink pad, and a stencil. For tools, you’ll want an acrylic block or handle, plus a brayer.


Step 2

Apply the Gel Press Petite to your block. Click together the Kaleidacolor inkpad. Roll the color on to your brayer. It will not look like there is much color on the surface of the Gel Plate, but don’t worry, it’s there.


Step 3

Pick up the inked Petite (while it’s on the block) and apply it facedown to your cardstock. I left a 1/4″ border below the triangle. Press the triangle into your paper as you would a clear stamp, then peel it away from the cardstock.

Step 4

Apply Teal Zeal to the Triangle Gel Press and roll the color out with your brayer.


Step 5

Place a stencil on top of the inked triangle and gently press it into the Plate. The Plate will hold the stencil in place.


Step 6

Flip the Plate (with the stencil still attached) on to a piece of scrap paper. I use copy paper. Press into the scrap to remove the ink from the negative areas. You can see in my photo above how it will look.

Step 7

Peel the paper away from the Plate, then remove the Stencil.

Step 8

Place the Plate directly on top of the first Kaleidacolor inked triangle you created. The left over Teal Zeal ink on the Plate that was trapped under the stencil will transfer to the paper.


Step 9

Repeat applying the Kalediacolor Ink to the Triangle, flip it around and place onto your cardstock, making sure it’s going in the opposite direction of your first triangle.


Step 10

To make things go faster, I opted to ink and stamp all of my Kaleidacolor triangles before I finished my stenciled layers. I worked my way across the entire piece of cardstock, from end to end.

Step 11

Repeat the process of applying the Teal Zeal to the triangle, applying the stencil, taking off the excess ink, and then applying to the Kaleidacolor layers. Do this until all of the triangles have a stenciled image on them. Then trim the piece, leaving a 1/4″ at the top.


Step 12

For my “mom” sentiment, I applied more Teal Zeal to my triangle (you can use any Gel Press Plate for this, but since the triangle was already out, I just used that). I placed a strip of paper on it to pull the color off. I repeated this step until I had enough of the strip covered for my dies to fit the “mom.” I could have just inked the paper. But I wanted the paper to have the same look as the rest of the card. Gel Press printing looks very different than applying ink directly to paper, or using some sort of applicator. This kept everything cohesive.

Step 13

I wanted a shadow layer to my “mom” so I repeated the last step, but I reapplied ink to my strip 3 times to get a darker tone. It’s still Teal Zeal, but at a richer strength because I layered the color several times. I adhered these layers together with On Point Glue.


Step 14

I created my card base from white cardstock, cut to 8 1/2″ x 7.” I applied my Kaleidacolor ink directly to my brayer, sprayed it with Ink Potion No. 9 to help it flow, and rolled it on to the top and bottom of my card base.

Step 15

Adhere the mono-printed layer and the sentiment to the card.


This was a really fun card to make, and since you can get a huge range of Kaleidacolor inkpads (including a dry one so that you can create your own combination!), you can change up the look of this card easily. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have an inspiring day!

Art Supplies


Kaleidacolor Inkpad in Bouquet
Memento Ink in Teal Zeal
On Point Glue


• Gel Press: Petites Set A- Triangle
• AALL & Create: Lotza Trianglez
• Simon Says Stamp: CZ Design- Everett Alphabet Die Cuts
• Brayer
• Acrylic Block/Handle
• Dry Adhesive

How To Make A Quick and Easy Mother’s Day Card

Mom Card - Blog

by Annie Collins

Hello Crafty Friends – Annie Collins here with a fun and easy Mother’s Day card featuring Stazon and VersaMagic Inks.


Art Supplies

  • Recollections Brand 110# Cardstock: White
  • Accent Brand 80# Cardstock: Opaque White
  • Aspire Pellatics 80# Cardstock: Shimmer Gold
  • AcetateFoam Tape