Three Creative Hacks that Create Cuteness Overload

Happy Monday! We have three great projects to kick start your week and provide a healthy dose of Monday motivation. Renee and Jennifer both show wonderful modifications on existing crafting standards. Renee expands an ATC to a double sided display and Jennifer adapts quilting to papercrafting. While Mischelle brings a bright and vibrant art journal to make a normal day not so normal.

Mermaid steam punk

ATC Conversion The Bigger the Better by Renee Zarate

ATCs, Artist Trading Cards, have been around for a few years now. They traditionally measure 2 ½” by 3 ½”, they can be collaged, stamped, matted, left plain, attached to greeting cards or put into albums. They’re quick and fun to make but you might wonder what other uses are there for this tiny work of art or are they only to trade with fellow artists? There are times when you love an ATC so much you can’t bear to trade it, you just want to look at it yourself and not share it with others. We don’t have to hide them away in an album, we can keep them on display by making them bigger and better! I turned this one into a free standing chunky ATC.

Buy or cut a wooden block that measures 2 ½” x 3 ½” x 1 ½”. Decide the placement of the handle on top and the clock key on the side, make a hole to insert these items. Paint the wooden block any color desired. Next, apply a thin coat of white gesso. Make two ATCs using stamps, ink, washi tape, whatever scraps are on hand. Make the ATCs on the gessoed watercolor paper cut to measure 2 ½” by 3 ½”. Adhere to the wooden block. The faces on these ATCs are made from Washi Tape. Ink the edges of the ATCs using a Jumbo Dauber. Glue feet onto the bottom of the block, these feet can be beads or small wooden embellishments. Apply On Point Glue to the feet and then dip each one in glitter or micro beads. Attach the knob on the top of the block, keys to the sides; decorate the ATC images with sequins and glitter. Tie twine and baker’s twine to the top.  It’s very satisfying to create an ATC with whatever subject matter you choose. Now you can look at your favorite design on a shelf or turn it around to change the view with a second ATC.


  • Graphic 45 Stamps – Diamond Pattern, Clam Shell design, Phrase and Mermaid tail
  • Gold Foil
  • Glitter
  • Microbeads
  • Glue Stick
  • Metal Ephemera
  • Baker’s twine
  • Brown twine
  • Sequins
  • White gesso
  • Watercolor paper
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Adhesive
  • Jane Davenport – Mermaid Washi Tape
  • Graphic 45 – Voyage beneath the Sea Collection paper
  • Wooden block measuring 3 ½” x 2 ½” x 1 ½”
  • Americana acrylic paint – Dark blue
  • Paint brush

paper quilt llama

Patchwork Llama Paper Quilting by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Sometimes you just need to make something to make it, no matter what it could be used for (or not). When I saw the DCWV No Prob Llama papers, I remembered I’d picked up the Lloyd & Lola quilt pattern, purely on a whim, and though for sure I could do something to combine the two. Using the instructions for the pillow cover, I used a 1 inch = 1 cm rule and made a smaller version of the patchwork pillow from the different patterned papers with a background of the Brights Textured pack.

Cutting out all the pieces takes the most time. Make sure to label them for later! Because sewing using seam allowances and paper piecing doesn’t, not everything will line up perfectly as is. I had to play around with the sections to make them fit, but the seam allowance extras gave me a handy way to attach the pieces to each other, at least in sections. Tweezers definitely come in handy! Once the main pieces are assembled, using the pattern as a guide, lay everything out on a large sheet of paper to figure out what will ultimately fit before gluing anything down. The irRESISTible Pico Embellisher is perfect for adding some textural stitching along each paper-pieced edge. This adaption was so fun! I hope you try it yourself.


  • DCWV – No Prob Llama, Brights Textured paper
  • Elizabeth Hartman – Lloyd & Lola Quilt and Pillow Pattern
  • Centimeter-marked ruler
  • Pencil
Fiskars – Paper trimmer, Scissors
, Tweezers

Shimmery Journal Page with little houses

Bright Fireworks Journal Pages by Mischelle Smith

I love Fireworks Shimmery Craft spray! I find that I use them mostly like watercolor paints. I pour them onto my palette and use my paintbrush to bring color to my paper or canvas. These inks are incredibly vibrant and colorful. They breathe life into my work. I also love the shimmer the mica powders leave – it adds another layer of interest. These inks blend beautifully together just like watercolors would.

fireworks shimmery craft spray is used to color art journal pages.

In this project, I applied Iridescent Purple Creative Medium to pages using stencil and palette knife. Let dry. Then, I pour Fireworks into palette saucers. Paint pages with Fireworks using a paintbrush. Let dry. Then continued to layer art with stencils and stamps using Memento Luxe Inks Danube Blue, Tuxedo Black and Pear Tart with a jumbo dauber. I cut out the stamped images and attach to pages with Tear It Tape. Once I layered enough, I added more detail with charcoal, a white gel pen, and Tuxedo Black Memento Marker. Then I used the spray stick to spatter page with irRESISTible Texture Spray Wedding Dress and Liquid Glass. Let dry. Finish with several sprays of Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz which is the perfect final touch.


  • Stencil Girl – stencil
  • Vera Lane Studio – Straight Street and Woodland Accessories
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Palette
  • White cardstock
  • Charcoal
  • Stump
  • Washi Tape
  • White Gel Pen
  • CTMH – Liquid Glass


Make a Little Rich Fairytale Dreams Album

by Mischelle Smith

Cute tiny house mini album by Mischelle Smith using Tsukineko and Imagine products.

The Bigger the Better is one of our themes for Imagine’s April projects. I began working on this project wondered what would be better than a card? For me, that would be a mini album or a journal. Both are bigger and better in my world! So that’s where this journey took me. I’m not a shabby chic type designer so I welcomed the opportunity to work on my skills and play with products I love such as the Creative Medium Metallic Gold. When Creative Medium dried on my album I was over the moon with delight. I applied it thin the sheer qualities brought out multiple layers of dimension.  It was, without a doubt, my favorite part of this project.  Of course, having a mini album, or perhaps a journal is absolutely the best part of this project.  Just like the theme – this mini really is bigger and better!

Skill: Advanced
Time: 1 day + drying time


crumpled up paper used to create a textured look in a mini journal.

Step 1

Cut album pages to 6-inch x 6-inch squares. Spritz each page with water and crumple into balls. If adding bags or other pages do the same to these.

Scrapbooking paper.
Step 2

Flatten out pages and sand the front and back of each page to create a distressed look.

walnut ink
Step 3

Mix Walnut Ink Crystals with water and paint both sides of each page as desired. Have a rag handy to wipe away excess water.

paper texture
Step 4

After pages have dried splatter walnut ink mixture onto pages using a toothbrush.


Step 5

Stack pages together. Place them under a stack of books overnight.

Step 6

Order pages and attach wire binding.

VersaFine and a Stencil

Step 7

Stencil on pages as desired using VersaFine and Memento inks.

Step 8

Apply Creative Medium Metallic Gold using a palette knife. Apply to each page as desired.

Step 9

Spatter irRESISTible Wedding Dress Texture Spray on each page. Let each spread of pages dry before moving on to the next spread. TIP: Wipe Vaseline or Aquafor around the neck of the Texture Spray. This will keep the cap easy to screw on and off.

Step 10

While album is drying stain strips of muslin to use as ribbon. Let dry.

tiny house
Step 11

Cut a house, roof and welcome mat from an old book page. Glue to cover. Cut a door and two windows from stained muslin. Glue to the house. Outline house, door, and windows with Black Memento Marker. Write welcome on the mat. Apply Creative Medium Metallic Gold and Wedding Dress irRESiSTibles to house on the cover. Let dry. Draw shadows under the house roof with a charcoal stick. Tie on dyed muslin strips as desired. Finish with any additional embellishments you with this mini journal because… the Bigger the Better!




  • DCWV – Fairytale Dreams Paper Collection and Brights Textured Cardstock
  • Stencils
  • Muslin
  • Paint Brush
  • Small bowls
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Wine Bags
  • Sanding Block
  • Wire
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Water Spritzer Bottle
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Old book page
  • Toothbrush

How to Create an Absolutely Bombastic Mixed Media Journal

 by Mischelle Smith

Art journal featuring a sailboat and ocean waves.

When it comes to journaling, I’m a beginner. It’s been a fun transition going from die-hard stamper to the mixed media world and now into journaling. I’ve been able to bring many of my skills with me and I’m learning new skills daily. I wanted to do a spread in my journal that used Imagine’s color of the month Greenery and the artist challenge “You Feeling Me?” If you happen to be new to journaling, like me, then I’d recommend starting with a simple spread like this. I’ve discovered that my Memento Markers are the best journaling pens I have and they coordinate with the ink pads what I’ve used on my pages … LOVE that!


Step 1

Stamp Pear Tart onto Imagine’s mat several times. Using a palette knife, add shimmer Creative Medium to the ink and mix gently. Do not mix the entire color so several shades of Pear Tart show through the Creative Medium.

Step 2

Stamp Bahama Blue onto the craft mat and add into the Creative Medium mix. Again, don’t over work the mix.

Step 3

Adhere stencil to journal page with washi tape. Use a palette knife to apply the Creative Medium mixture. Apply the mixture onto the left page at the bottom and top. Set aside and let dry completely. Adhere Travel Notes stencil to page and color with Bahama Blue Memento. Repeat using a mottled circle stencil. Stamp randomly on the pages using VersaFine with travel theme stamps.

Paper Waves fill a journal page

Step 4

Sketch a boat onto kraft paper and cut out. Wade pieces up and then flatten out. Distress boat with VersaMark ink. Set aside. Place a hard craft mat behind the right-hand page. Cut along the edges of the waves to create a niche for the boat. Place the boat in between the waves. Attach with On Point Glue. Use Tear It Tape to attach the right-hand page to the page behind it. Hiding the cut in the page and the back of the boat. Use Memento Markers to doodle and journal around the pages. Use Memento Markers to doodle and journal around the pages. Flick New Sprout and Bahama Blue Fireworks on pages. Spray pages with Frost Shimmer Spray.


The steps above can serve as dozens of variations on the inside pages of a journal. One could stay busy with these ideas for days! To transition to thinking of the front cover, I thought I’d break it up a bit. I love green and as soon as I sprayed a touch of New Sprout Fireworks on leftover canvas I knew I wanted to make a journal. The combination of green with aqua blue’s is a favorite of mine so adding Bahama Blue Fireworks with the New Sprout worked perfectly. Creating this cover was super easy … filling up the pages is what takes time and thought.


Step 1

Spray canvas scraps with New Sprout and Bahama Blue Fireworks. Let dry. Tear pages from old books, hymnals and dictionaries to add as pages. Modpodge the front and back of each page. Let dry.

journal page cover

Step 2

Lay canvas and pages in the order you like. Secure the center with a pin. Stitch the album together with a needle and thread. Draw a line down the center with a ruler and stitch on this line. Decorate the cover with washi tape, stamped sentiments, and hand-drawn elements. Personalize with your favorite quotes and phrases. Add any additional items. In the photo above, I included a butterfly stencil. Finish by flicking Fireworks onto canvas to match the base.



Memento Luxe – Pear Tart, Bahama Blue
Creative Medium – Shimmer
VersaFine – Tuxedo Black
Memento Marker – Tuxedo Black, Sky Blue, Rich Cocoa, Bahama Blue, Teal Zeal, Nautical Blue, Pear Tart, Danube Blue
Fireworks! – New Sprout, Bahama Blue
Sheer Shimmer Spray – Frost
Daubers – Sponge and Jumbo
On Point Glue
Tear It! Tape
Palette Knives
Craft Mat


Stencil Girl – Whimsical Waves, Travel Notes Mini
Close To My Heart – Stamps
Mottled Circle Stencil
Craft knife
Washi tape
Canvas Scraps
Old book pages
Foam Brush


Pages and Pages of Love with Scrapbooking

Nothing says LOVE like a bit of shimmering and bling! Jowilna Nolte and Elina Stromberg each created page layouts using gorgeous shimmering effects with Fireworks sprays and Embossing Powder. Jowilna’s page can be pasted into an art journal or used as a gift while Elina’s page shows a bit of scrapbook super talent with her own personal photography skills.

Jowilna Nolte creates a journal page with embossed diecut geometric heart and cover the page in Fireworks shimmer.

Jowilna mixed two different colors of Fireworks sprays onto a craft mat then dipped a sheet of graph or patterned paper into the mix. It is cool how the shimmer from the two different colors blend. She then assembled the journal page by adding an embossed die-cut heart, ribbon and a decorative hat element using a brad. Bind into your art journal or use it for a gift.


  • Heart silhouette
  • Ribbon
  • Brad
  • Hat embellishment
  • Gold thread
  • Patterned paper


Elina Stromberg’s reflection:

In addition to paper crafting, I love to take pictures. I have thousands of photos of my precious family, and the best shots often end up on my scrapbooking layouts. If I print pictures in advance without a special layout design in mind, I prefer converting the photos to black and white before printing. With B&W photos I have more freedom to choose whatever colors or patterned papers for my layout, without having to match the papers, colors nor embellishments to the color palette on the photo. So handy!

For the background of layout, I chose a sheet of heavy watercolor paper. Watercolor and mixed media papers tolerate wet media well, leaving the paper nicely flat after drying. If I had chosen a simple uncoated scrapbooking paper I would have had to prepare the paper with clear or white gesso before misting the pink Fireworks! on the page. To make the shimmery, rich Fireworks! color run on the paper I sprayed the color gently with water. Once dry I decorated the colored area with a few die-cut elements and stamping. For coloring the flowers I used pink and white All-Purpose inks. Those are my true favorites! All-Purpose inks are as simple to use as watercolors, but they are opaque and let you have more control of the color.

The title was die-cut from purple cardstock, and before gluing down on the page I heat-embossed the bottom parts of each letter with gold embossing powder. That’s an easy way to make your title pop!



  • 12 x 12” watercolor paper
  • Solid color papers – purple, white, light pink
  • Patterned papers
  • Altenew – stamp, diecut
  • Wycinanka – stamp
  • Acrylic stamping block
  • Sizzix – diecut
  • Die cut machine
  • Heat tool
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors



Learn How to Make a Gorgeous Wintergreen Art Journal

by Jowilna Nolte


New Year, New Beginnings and a New You bring with it so many possibilities. This year is a great year for new color combinations and new adventures. To celebrate, I created a fun art journaling page in Wintermint Green. It’s a fresh color with a myriad of opportunities to be creative and several reasons to be inspired.




Step 1

Paint art journal pages with wintermint green chalk based paint. Leave paint to dry and then stencil images on the background using Pearlescent Jade Brilliance ink and a sponge dauber.

Step 2

Add Mint Green All-Purpose ink drops onto the stenciled background. Lightly mist with water and let the ink run. Heat set with a heat gun.

Step 3

Mix a small amount of Pearlescent Jade Brilliance inker into embossing paste. Mix the paste until it has a consistent color and no more white is visible. Apply the colored paste through your stencil using a palette knife. TIP: Work in a single direction when applying paste to avoid the paste running underneath your stencil and causing smudges. Leave the stenciled images to dry completely. The Brilliance gives the paste a nice shimmer.

Step 4

Spray scrap white cardstock with Electric Green irRESISTible Texture Spray and leave to dry. Punch 5mm circles out of the cardstock.


Step 5

Adhere the textured dots to the center of your stenciled firework sprays. Unscrew the nozzle from the bottle and splatter small drops of irRESISTible onto the background. Leave to dry. Add definition to the stenciled fireworks images using a graphite pencil and White All-Purpose Ink applied with a small paintbrush.

Step 6

Splatter Copper irRESISTible onto the background. Unscrew the lids for the irRESISTible Texture Sprays and use the applicator tubes from the bottles to color in chipboard numbers and leave to dry. Adhere the numbers and patterned paper strips to the journal page.

wintergreen art journal page by Imagine Artist Jowilna Nolte


  • Art Journal
  • Echo Park – Fireworks Stencil
  • Hole Punch
  • Paintbrush
  • Simple Stories – Patterned Paper
  • Anna Griffin – Embossing Paste
  • Chiswick – POP Paint
  • Hole Punch
  • Chipboard Letters
  • Adhesive
  • Heat tool


Amplify Your Day!


Amplify Bee Mine! by Jowilna Nolte

Creating texture and dimension is so easy with the amazing Neon Amplify. The perfect amount of bulk to create loads of interest on cards and other projects – have you tried your hand at it yet? You will simply love it!

VersaColor Background Paper by Gini Williams Cagle

Find more project inspiration on under our “Make” page. There you can browse projects by product, aesthetic, medium and much more!