Create a Live, Laugh, Love Greeting Card

by Iris Rodriguez

Create A Live Laugh And Love Greeting Card

When I made this I was feeling a little down. So what do you do when the going gets tough? Make something bright and cheery, of course. Using Imagine’s new Mboss embossing powder, I made this bright “Live, Laugh, Love” card. I used the Valentine Mboss embossing powder; a beautiful glittery color combination red and gold. For the background, I used the Dandelion Fireworks Craft Spray which is the perfect bright shimmer spray ink.

Skill: Beginner
Time 30 minutes


Step 1

Lightly spray the paper with water, while the paper is wet, spray on the Dandelion Fireworks Craft Spray. Dry paper.

Step 2

Stencil two different type patterns, to give it variety, with the Koala Gray StazOn Pigment ink.

Step 3

Apply VersaMark ink through the stencil using an Inkblusher. Emboss the Valentine Mboss embossing powder.

Step 4

Add the sentiment “Live, Laugh, Love” and assemble the card.


  • Mixed Media Paper
  • Heidi Swapp-Geometric Stencil
  • The Crafters Workshop-Circles Stencil 12×12; Wildflowers stencil 6×6
  • Sentiment Stamp

Learn Beginner Stamping on Vellum with an Easy Coloring Trick

by Melissa Andrew

Learn Beginner Stamping on Vellum with No Line Coloring

Today I show you how to avoid coloring, just in case it’s not your thing. Beautiful floral stamps are available everywhere, and I’ll show you how to use VersaFine Clair under a vellum overlay to get the gorgeous pop of color, without all the detailing usually required of coloring in stamps. Stamping with the new StazOn Pigment allows you to use a simple technique to create beautiful color on your cards quickly and easily.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 20 – 30 minutes




StazOn Pigment Inkpad – Snowflake, Shamrock Green
VersaFine Clair – Charming Pink, Green Oasis, Cheerful
Sponge daubers
irRESISTible Pico – Shimmer
On Point Glue
Tear It! Tape
Imagine Craft Mat 


• Mama Elephant – Peonies In Bloom
• White Cardstock
• Vellum
• Sequence
• Stamping Platform – Misti
• Paper Towels

Learn How to Make Shrinky Dinks with StazOn Pigment Ink

by Lindsay Adreon

Learn How to Make Shrinky Dinks with StazOn Pigment Ink

This month’s challenge is saving memories, but I am taking a different approach! Because I don’t really journal, scrapbook, do mixed media, etc I decided to share a fun project with you that my children and I do together and MAKE memories! Shrinky Dinks are so much fun to make with your kiddos and they’re super easy!

Skill: Beginner to Intermediate
Time: 1 hour + bake time





See How to Create Stunning Card Design on Black Paper

by Arjita Sepaha Singh

See How to Create Stunning Card Design on Black Paper

For today’s card, I used the new StazOn Pigment inks to create this stenciled floral background. I love the way StazOn Pigment Ink looks on dark/black card stock. This is a very easy and simple card to make because the ink is so vibrant. I used my old daubers to add the pigment on my black card stock if you do not have old dauber then consider using an InkBlusher. To make an impact on this design, I first added white ink and then the colored ink on top. This gives me a brighter vibrant impression and I like it a lot. I used a sentiment “sending hugs” stamped in black and added few details to the inside of the flowers with my white gel pen to finish the card.

Skill: Beginner
Time: 20 minutes



  • Cardstock – Black, White
  • Altenew – Floral Garden Stencil
  • Misti Stamping Tool

Learn How to Make a Travel Journal

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Learn How to Make a Travel Journal

Keeping travel memories in real time while they are taking place and having them all gathered in a journal is the best way to have to keep every moment of your trip. Include blank pages, make pockets and keep tickets, notes, and photos in this handmade travel journal. To make the cover, I used Kraft-tex paper, which a fabric-like paper, which I sprayed with Ink Potion No.9 instead of water to keep it soft and allow better performance of inks. Stamping with the StazOn Pigment inkpads gave great coverage and sharp design on the wrinkled surface, while the ink dried fast to allow moving to the next step. Make this journal before your trip and have it handy during your travels.

Time: 2 hours
Skill: Advanced


Step 1

Cut a 16 ½ x 8 ½ inch piece of the Kraft-tex paper and spray it with the Ink Potion No.9

Step 2

Twist and crinkle the paper and while spraying a bit more of the Ink Potion No.9. Let it dry or use a heat tool.

Step 3

Cut a 5 ½ x 3-inch canvas piece and place it on the cover, leaving 2 ½ inch from the long side on the right, as it will be used an inner flap making a side pocket. Stamp with the map and the travel journal stamp with the VersaMark, cover with Mboss Embossing Powder in Black and heat set.

Step 4

Remove the canvas piece, press lightly on the surface with the StazOn Pigment Snowflake inkpad and distress the surface.

Step 5

Continue stamping with the StazOn Pigment in Passion Red, Mariner Blue, Piano Black ink pads with travel stamps on the surface. Distress around the compass image and maps with the same colors ink pads.

Step 6

Add Tear It Tape to the top side of the canvas piece and a Sheet Metal dog tag, gluing only half of it. Allow space as it will be used a hook to secure the burlap cord wrapped around the journal.

Step 7

Cut a 2 ½ x 2-inch piece of canvas fabric, fold in half and glue just the edge of the long side with the On Point Glue, creating a pen pocket.

Step 8

Place the canvas pieces on the Kraft-tex cover and using a piercing tool open holes to allow hand sewing of the red twine. Apart from decorative purpose, this also helps to secure it further the pen pocket to the cover.

Step 9

Continue decoration with stamps and the StazOn Pigment in Passion Red, Mariner Blue, Piano Black inkpads.

Step 10

Turn at the back and glue the previously left sides on top and bottom only making side pockets.

Step 11

Open two holes at the middle (spine-like) leaving about 1 ½ inches from top and bottom and pass three times the elastic black cord.

Step 11

Cut blank pages in stacks of 5 creating signatures in 10 x 7 inch (5×7 when folded) and secure with the red twine by opening 3 holes and passing the twine through them. Repeat the process and just pass between the elastic cord to secure them.


  • Kraft-tex paper fabric – natural
  • Canvas
  • Viva decor – Travel and Paris, Rome, Berlin stamps
  • Black elastic cord
  • Red twine
  • Burlap cord
  • Blank pages
  • Heat tool
  • Piercing tool

Color of the Month for June is Fern Green

Color of the Month for June is Fern Green. We love this soft green color because it reminds us of the beautiful plants that come bursting forward into the lushness of Summer. Some of the inks we recommend for this color are StazOn Cactus Green, VersaColor Fresh Green, VersaFine Clair in Green Oasis and Verdant.

Here is a sneak peek for what we have coming up this month…

Green Eyes Art Canvas by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Mixed Media by Roni Johnson

Resist Embossing by Martha Lucia Gomez