Watch a Live VersaFine Clair Color Swatch Demo

We are so excited about our new release of VersaFine Clair! One of the great features of this ink line is the number of colors available. We thought we would go through the colors with so you can see just how lovely they all are.

Free Download – VersaFine Clair Color Chart

What color was your favorite? Please tell us in the comments below!



Product Release: VersaFine Clair Inkpads

The best stamping ink on the market just expanded with a brand new line of inkpads! Tsukineko’s VersaFine Clair is a quick drying pigment ink that provides impeccable solid surface-area coverage as well as capturing fine details on stamps. VersaFine Clair’s innovative formulation provides the perfect image to use with watercolor paints or water-based markers.

Watch a video on VersaFine Clair’s features


24 New VersaFine Clair Colors Include

Cheerful 901, Paradise 602, Charming Pink 801, Warm Breeze 603, Purple Delight 101, Summertime 701, Tulip Red 702, Fantasia 102, Green Oasis 501, Glamorous 201, Verdant 502, Blue Belle 601, Golden Meadow 951, Rain Forest 551, Chianti 151, Fallen Leaves 451, Monarch 152, Shady Lane 552, Pinecone 452, Nocturne 351, Medieval Blue 651, Acorn 453, Twilight 652, Morning Mist 352 

Cheerful 901, Paradise 602, Charming Pink 801, Warm Breeze 603, Purple Delight 101, Summertime 701, Tulip Red 702, Fantasia 102, Green Oasis 501, Glamorous 201, Verdant 502, Blue Belle 601, Golden Meadow 951, Rain Forest 551, Chianti 151, Fallen Leaves 451, Monarch 152, Shady Lane 552, Pinecone 452, Nocturne 351, Medieval Blue 651, Acorn 453, Twilight 652, Morning Mist 352

VersaFine Clair Ink

  • The best ink for fine detailed stamps
  • Embossable for several minutes—perfect for layered stamping
  • New air tight, ergonomic case keeps the pad inky
  • Great for solid block print style stamping

Handmade card made with VersaFine Clair Nocturne ink, Waffle Flower stamps and colorful DCWV cardstock.

VersaFine Clair Nocturne is a stellar black ink for outline, fine-line and block print stamping alike! We are so excited to see how this ink is used in everyone’s papercrafting projects! Stay tuned to the Imagine Blog for projects from our Artists in Residence and please tag any work you post with #versafineclair. We love to see how you use our ink!

Shop for VersaFine Clair at the

Happy inking!

Free Download —  VersaFine Clair color chart


Tag Your Art for a Chance to Win

We have so much going on for the month of October! We are accepting applications for the 2018 Artist in Residence Program. We are beginning to prepare for Creativation in January 2018 and we are also preparing for the upcoming 2017 holiday season. With all this going on we are still excited about the Color of the Month for October—Aubergine! We love this rich dark purple color and have seen it trending this fall in all sorts of ways. So if you dig this color as much as we do then please tag your craft projects with #imaginecolorchallenge on your social pages for a chance to win!

Imagine Color Challenge with a $30 Give-A-Way!!

Use dark purple colors from any Imagine or Tsukineko product in any crafty project. The project can be a card, scrapbook page, mixed media focus, home décor, etc of any size or shape. Post a finished project with mention of our product by Oct 31st on your social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag the photo of your project with the hashtag #imaginecolorchallenge. At the end of the month, our team will select a random winner from all those who have participated! We will be re-posting or sharing entries all month long!

How is the winner judged?

At random lottery selection of those that met the requirements. We will comb through all the social media posts and enter you name into a random lottery.


$30 dollars of products from the Imagine Shop ( shipped anywhere in the US.


  • Tag us on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with our handle and the hashtag #imaginecolorchallenge
  • Post a high quality photo of the project. Blurry or low resolution photos will not qualify
  • Must use Tsukineko or Imagine products and name them. Example: Fireworks Craft Spray, Memento Luxe, VersaFine, VersaMark, etc.
  • Must use the Aubergine color
  • Must be a newly created project
  • Project is posted between Oct 1 and Oct 31, 2017 (at midnight PST) to be considered.


Artist In Residence 2018 Call for Entry

Do you have an addiction to your local craft store? Have you carved out an area in your home for your craft supplies collection? Do you create fun projects on a regular basis and post them to your blog or Instagram? Do you squeal when you see a new stamp set or scrapbook theme? Well you might be a good fit for our 2018 Artist In Residence Program.

Imagine is proud to announce its call for Artists In Residence for 2018! We are looking for artists and designers who can inspire our customers and community with colorful and fun projects using Imagine and Tsukineko products.

Perks of being an Artist in Residence for Imagine:

  • Exposure of your work on our growing blog, social media, website and print platforms.
  • Monthly art challenges, themes, and fellow artist camaraderie and support.
  • Generous supply of Imagine and Tsukineko products with which to create your projects.
  • Be involved with product development and get advanced access to new products before the public.
  • Opportunities to grow your stash with product from Imagine’s preferred partners.
  • Links back to your blog or website connected to each blog post featuring your work.

We are looking for energetic artists to fill two different exciting roles for 2018:

Project/Tutorial Artists who create and provide 2 to 3 different projects or innovative techniques per month with complete instructions and photographs that will be featured online and in printed formats.


Video Project/Tutorial Artists who will submit 2 edited videos per month featuring a project and/or innovative technique, which will be shared with our community. See our YouTube channel for examples.

Artists in Residence basic requirements:

  • A commitment of one year — January 1st, 2018 through December 31st, 2018.
  • Ability to produce professional photographs, and submit them as high-res JPG format images for all projects (including step-by-step) by required due dates.
  • Submit clearly written and detailed instructions in English for each project, including a comprehensive list of all supplies used, in Word or PDF format.
  • Socially active online with an established blog and Facebook presence.
  • Not currently employed and/or affiliated with competing manufacturers including as a design team member, guest designer, etc.
  • For further information, see our Artists In Residence Summary.

Show Us Your Artwork!

Show us just how creative you are! Submit artwork using Imagine and/or Tsukineko products. There are no limits to what you can create—scrapbook layouts, cards, altered art, mixed media designs, jewelry, home decor items or whatever your niche art may be.

Please submit one original work of art—one that hasn’t been published, featured online, etc.

Submission Process for Round 1

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Send your submission to with the subject line of “2018 AIRs Round 1 <your name>”.

The body of your email must include the following information: name, mailing address, phone number, email address, your personal blog and/or website address, and two links to any additional online content of your work (including videos) that you feel showcase your style.

If you are submitting to be a Project/Tutorial Artist:

Attached to your email should be a quality, minimum 700px wide jpg of your original artwork. Please also include a short paragraph about your piece and list what products you used to create it. Name the photograph of your artwork “AIRs_<your name>_2018.JPG” using underscores in the name instead of spaces.

If you are submitting to be a Video Project/Tutorial Artist:

Attached to your email should be a quality, minimum 700px wide jpg of your original artwork. Please also include a list of what products you used to create it. The two links you provide should both include videos you created about your artwork in general (not necessarily the artwork you submit). Name the photograph of your artwork “AIRs_<your name>_2018.JPG” using underscores in the name instead of spaces.

Round 1 submissions are due by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, October 18th.

Those artists who will be continuing on to the next round will be contacted by Wednesday, November 1st with further instructions.

Once we have announced our 2018 Artists In Residence, the work will quickly begin…each Artist In Residence will be shipped their “essentials” kit, along with our NEW releases for the 2018 Creativation Show.






New Colors in Delicata are Available Now to Purchase!

New Colors in Delicata are Available Now to Purchase!

6 New Luxurious Delicata colors are now available!

Head over to our Shop page on the Imagine website and check out the new Delicata colors. We are so excited for this new release which includes the follow colors: Rose Gold, Pink Shimmer, Champagne, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red and Emerald Green. You should also start to see these new beauties pop up and many of your favorite crafty stores. Each color was careful selected by a collaboration between the Imagine staff and Tsukineko! We also hope to spend the entire month of September in exuberance with a bunch of “OMG!” and “So Cute!” phrases as we post our artists work on the blog. Yes, our artists received the new Delicata colors before anyone else in the world! So stay tuned for new and fresh art coming your way from our team.

You Rock Spellbinders diamond die cut with new delicata

Also available now are all 12 colors in the small inkpads (cute little cubes).







Announcing 6 New Luxurious Colors in Delicata

Announcing 6 New Luxurious Colors in Delicata


We love Tsukineko’s Delicata ink. We also love all the Rose Gold decor, fashion, make-up and crafty goodness we’ve seen hit the market recently! We thought, hey we have this metallic ink and Rose Gold would be super popular, and we have this awesome relationship with Tsukineko…maybe we can make Rose Gold ink a reality! Eek! Office dance party (with rose gold balloons)!

In our quest for Rose Gold, we worked with Tsukineko on some other luxurious colors and options to present at the same time. The additional colors we are announcing are: Pink Shimmer, Champagne, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red and Emerald Green. Also new—small inkpads in all 12 Delicata colors! Not only is anything tiny immediately cute, the smaller inkpad comes with a smaller price.

This expansion of Delicata ink aims to offer the highest quality in metallic pigment ink in full-size and small inkpads as well as a new range of colors to expand your metallic palette. We challenged our artist with Rose Gold and Delicata for the month of September so stay tuned to our blog to see the amazing art our little geniuses cook up!

Announcing 6 New Luxurious Colors in Delicata

Let the cheer begin – the hottest holiday inks are available this September! Be sure to check back in with us for availability on