Product Release: Inkpad Personality Kit

Announcing the Inkpad Personality Kit!

Do your inkpads seem to speak to you every time you walk by your crafting space? We know what it means to become attached to certain inks. At times, it even seems the inkpads develop their own personality. Knowing this inspired us to develop the Inkpad Personality Kit™ to fill this void in the industry. If you feel that your inkpads have eyes…then why not give them some?!

All eyes on your little Angel! Give Memento Angel Pink a sweet smile to match!

Do you have an inkpad that is considered your bestie? We recommend the fun lets-go-get-drinks-after-work smile!

How about a bright green that is insistent you use it in every project. You can tell VersaFine Verdant to let the other inkpads have a turn!

How about Memento Sweet Plum who can always make you giggle with delight?!

Happy April Fool’s Day!!

If you have not figured it out by now… this is not a real product release! But what if it was?! Would you buy your inkpad a personality kit? Ha! In-house designer Marcie claims that Memento Bahama Blue makes its way into almost all of her projects at home and definitely plans to deck out her inkpads. She is even considering getting her inkpads their own dollhouse! Marketing Manager Amanda thinks VersaFine Clair Nocturne is the bees knees and winks at it every time she uses it. She’s super excited to have him wink back now! Bwahaha!


Watch a Live VersaFine Clair Color Swatch Demo

We are so excited about our new release of VersaFine Clair! One of the great features of this ink line is the number of colors available. We thought we would go through the colors with so you can see just how lovely they all are.

Free Download – VersaFine Clair Color Chart

What color was your favorite? Please tell us in the comments below!



Product Release: VersaFine Clair Inkpads

The best stamping ink on the market just expanded with a brand new line of inkpads! Tsukineko’s VersaFine Clair is a quick drying pigment ink that provides impeccable solid surface-area coverage as well as capturing fine details on stamps. VersaFine Clair’s innovative formulation provides the perfect image to use with watercolor paints or water-based markers.

Watch a video on VersaFine Clair’s features


24 New VersaFine Clair Colors Include

Cheerful 901, Paradise 602, Charming Pink 801, Warm Breeze 603, Purple Delight 101, Summertime 701, Tulip Red 702, Fantasia 102, Green Oasis 501, Glamorous 201, Verdant 502, Blue Belle 601, Golden Meadow 951, Rain Forest 551, Chianti 151, Fallen Leaves 451, Monarch 152, Shady Lane 552, Pinecone 452, Nocturne 351, Medieval Blue 651, Acorn 453, Twilight 652, Morning Mist 352 

Cheerful 901, Paradise 602, Charming Pink 801, Warm Breeze 603, Purple Delight 101, Summertime 701, Tulip Red 702, Fantasia 102, Green Oasis 501, Glamorous 201, Verdant 502, Blue Belle 601, Golden Meadow 951, Rain Forest 551, Chianti 151, Fallen Leaves 451, Monarch 152, Shady Lane 552, Pinecone 452, Nocturne 351, Medieval Blue 651, Acorn 453, Twilight 652, Morning Mist 352

VersaFine Clair Ink

  • The best ink for fine detailed stamps
  • Embossable for several minutes—perfect for layered stamping
  • New air tight, ergonomic case keeps the pad inky
  • Great for solid block print style stamping

Handmade card made with VersaFine Clair Nocturne ink, Waffle Flower stamps and colorful DCWV cardstock.

VersaFine Clair Nocturne is a stellar black ink for outline, fine-line and block print stamping alike! We are so excited to see how this ink is used in everyone’s papercrafting projects! Stay tuned to the Imagine Blog for projects from our Artists in Residence and please tag any work you post with #versafineclair. We love to see how you use our ink!

Shop for VersaFine Clair at the

Happy inking!

Free Download —  VersaFine Clair color chart


What if you could only have one ink pad?

by Martha Lucia Gomez

If I had to choose only one ink, which would I choose? It would be VersaMark!

VersaMark is a versatile ink for all types of stamping projects. You can create a watermark, emboss with powders, create shadows, resist effects or develop your own techniques. In this blog post, I will review this incredible ink and talk about why I enjoy it so much.

Tone-on-Tone Effects

Stamping VersaMark on light or dark colored cardstock creates awesome results. The paper color is darkened a step or to wherever you stamp the ink. If you use light cardstock the ink effect is a little shiny, but if you use it on dark cardstock the effect is very vivid. This is also known as tone-on-tone technique and will create subtle and beautiful results. In the sample above, you can see how VersaMark shows on a true red cardstock which I use in card making all the time. This image is not embossed, it is just VersaMark ink stamped onto the cardstock.

Embossing Powerhouse

If you want to enhance the tone-on-tone effect, you can always sprinkle clear embossing powder before the ink dries and heat set. VersaMark’s tacky thickness makes it the number one ink for use with embossing powders. This is commonly done with white cardstock. Stamp the image with VersaMark (it will be harder to see on white paper), and then pour colored embossing powder over and it will stick perfectly to the VersaMark ink. If you chose a metallic embossing powder color, like gold, it will really pop off the page once heat set. I recommend investing in a few different embossing powders—clear, gold, silver and black at minimum.

Layer and Emboss with any Dye Ink

If you only have clear embossing powder, you can still use VersaMark to create colored embossed areas! By pairing VersaMark and clear embossing powder with any dye ink, you can obtain unique colored embossed images. The method I used for the first Christmas Snowflake tag above could be done with any stamp. I simply inked the stamp with VersaMark first and, without stamping, inked again with the blue dye ink, and then stamped on the cardstock, added the clear embossing powder, and heat set. For the method in the second photo, you would need a stamp positioning tool like a Misti. I stamped with the blue dye ink then cleaned the stamp and stamped again with VersaMark, added clear embossing powder and heat set it. Playing with embossing powder and layered stamping with color dye inks is fun and produces a variety of results as you can see in the tone difference in these two Christmas tags that were created with the same two inks.

Ghosting or Shadow Effects

When you emboss VersaMark it is perfect for resist techniques. The process for emboss resist is very simple, just stamp your image with VersaMark, cover it with clear embossing powder and set the powder with the heat tool. Then apply the colored inks with a sponge dauber or brayer and when you are satisfied with the color, use a paper towel to remove the ink that is lying atop the embossed areas to see the resist effect.

Another thing I love to create with VersaMark is shadows. In the sample above, I stamped the “go” image with VersaMark and embossed with gold Embossing powder. Then I used VersaMarker to draw a shadow of the word “go”. The tone-on-tone effect creates a perfect shadow look! You can also do this on white cardstock and with any color ink. Simply stamp your image with the color ink pad, and then stamp it a second time with VersaMark only a little bit offset, then add embossing powder to obtain the desired effect.

A variation of this technique is by using the VersaMark on glossy cardstock. Stamp your image with VersaMark and let dry, then apply the colored ink of choice. In this sample, I used only glossy cardstock, VersaMark and Memento Lilac Posies. You will obtain a soft resist, or as I like to call it ghost effect without using any embossing powders.

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Get these Fabulous Must Have Holiday Craft Supplies Today

Get these Fabulous Must Have Craft Supplies Today Imagine Crafts Tsukineko

It’s October! We can’t believe 2017 has flown by so fast! It is already that time of year when the holiday buzz is in full swing! We hope you are gearing up for a fantastic season and to help you along we asked our Artists in Residence to recommend their favorite holiday crafting supplies from Imagine and Tsukineko. Check out what they have to say!

Nadine Carlier and Renee Zarate's Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! White

Nadine Carlier & Renee Zarate’s Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! in White

Nadine says, “It’s a must have to create snow. When it “puffs” up it looks just like snow. Perfect to flock stamped trees, to create snowy hills, make snowmen ⛄️ or just about anything snowy.” 😊

Renee says, “This time of year makes me think of snow so my seasonal pick would be Radiant Neon Amplify in White. Many children have vacation days or snow days coming up, the Amplify products are so much fun to apply and watch puff up. Now is the time for parents to stock up on snow day products with kids in mind.”

Martha's Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

Martha’s Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

“The most vibrant color for Christmas and is perfect for embossing.”

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou's Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou’s Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

“Until now, it was plastic, not fantastic…but the Vertigo sheets made me like plastic on crafts! Plus, they are versatile to use on various projects!”

Mischelle's Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz!

Mischelle’s Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer!

“It’s the bow on top of the package. The finishing touch.”

Jennifer Vanderbeek's Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

Jennifer Vanderbeek’s Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

“Add shimmer and dimension to cards, tags, and presents, too!”

Roni Johnson and Alison Heikkila's Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni Johnson & Alison Heikkila’s Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni says, “I love the deep rich colors combined with the delicate shimmer that each offers. They are just perfect for the holidays no matter which one(s) you celebrate!”

Alison says, “There are no better shimmery inks out there. You can ink the edges of your cards so beautifully and simply, to get a regal look. The refills can give you fun splashes and splatters of color plus shine and shimmer.”

Elina Strömberg's Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

Elina Strömberg’s Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

“Will be used on every Christmas card I’ll make.”

Neva Elyn Cole's Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

Neva Elyn Cole’s Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

“These are wonderful inks to decorate ornaments and other home decor items for the holidays. You can create keepsakes for your family and friends that will be treasured for years!”

Jowilna Nolte's Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

Jowilna Nolte’s Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

“I can sprinkle it with red, green, clear, gold and silver glitter turning it into the most versatile item for festive details. I can add shimmer to all kinds of projects, glue them and add colour! My most favorite adhesive and multipurpose item.”
And for employee picks ~

Amanda Harryman's Pick for the Holidays is Irresistibles Pico Shimmer

Amanda Harryman’s Pick for the Holidays is Irresistible Pico Embellisher in Shimmer

“I added a touch of Shimmer irRESISTible to most of my Christmas cards last year because I love the little shimmery glossy touch. Even if it is a small element in the layout, it adds a super fun little touch of texture and shine.”

Marcie McCabe’s Pick for the Holidays is Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray

“I love the random patterns of color and shimmer that Fireworks offers. You can go crazy with a deep saturation of color and shimmer.”


Thank you for checking out our product guide! For more information on the products visit the Imagine Learn page for product features.







Do You Struggle with What Size Inkpads to Buy?

by Jowilna Nolte

With so many ink types, colors and sizes available today, do you struggle to decide what to buy and what you really need? Well then, you are not alone! The struggle is real and pretty personal. One of my favorite inkpads available is the DewDrop. So let’s take a look at some of the things that keep me infatuated with these cute and colorful little bundles of joy.

Storage & Cost

An important aspect, and the first thing many people will note, is that smaller inkpads can be stored a lot easier. I own a lot of the DewDrops and they fit perfectly into plastic containers that can be stacked on top of each other. I can separate and store each type of ink in its own container and even include a color chart so that I can keep track of which colors I have in the bin. If space is limited in your crafting area, then smaller inkpads may just be the answer to keeping enough ink handy to craft anything you wish. Secondly, DewDrop inkpads are generally a lot cheaper than their full-sized inkpad counterparts. One key element for me is that with the DewDrop inkpads, I will often commit to colors that I would use less often or maybe only need for a one-off project because they are cheaper. If I end up using a color more than I think I will, DewDrops can be re-inked if they become a littler dry—making them extremely economical and practical because I use inkers for a variety of other techniques and effects.


Stamping with DewDrop inkpads is really easy! When you have smaller stamps that you might use in your planner or make a repeating pattern with, it’s easy to re-ink your stamps quickly, even if you don’t have a table surface to work on. But if you need to ink up a stamp that is larger than a DewDrop, it is easily done by laying your stamp face up and dabbing the DewDrop over the surface until it is all covered. Using the rounded end works well for this. I especially like using my Memento DewDrops for stamping smaller words in color. The pointy tip of the DewDrop gives you the ability to stamp several images in different colors all at once. Simply ink the different words positioned on an acrylic block in different colors of ink – it’s really easy to control where or what you ink!


Even if you are inking a single stamp, these little inkpads offer you greater control to ink in selected areas only. You can combine different colors, or shades of a single color on a single stamp for a really interesting effect. On this stamp I started with green inked at the top, then added a light purple and then a darker shade of purple Memento ink. A light misting of water on the ink before stamping onto your cardstock piece gives a nice watercolor effect. You can even get into tight spaces with their pointy tips.

This is the area that DewDrops really beat out all other inkpads. Rather than battling to use larger inkpads, these smaller versions are really handy. Flipping them over and inking your stamps that way gives you control, adds an even layer of ink all over your stamp surface, and can produce more intricate results than a larger inkpad.

Dew drop ink pads are versatile and fun. What makes these inks so versatile is that they are available in a variety of types


I love that I can get DewDrops in a variety of ink types—Memento (dye ink), VersaMagic (opaque matte pigment), and Brilliance (pearlescent and shimmery pigment) cover most of my needs when it comes to my creativity arsenal. I can use these inks for a lot of techniques and different effects no matter the project. When you need to cover a larger surface, the smaller inkpads work just as well as the larger inkpads to ink up an InkBlusher or Sponge Dauber. It’s the same ink, so you can get the same great results.


The shape of a DewDrop is so pleasing, I sometimes use it in my project creation. Take advantage of the shape of the DewDrops by simply stamping the inkpad directly onto cardstock to create and make fun elements for your crafting projects. I especially love to cut out the petal shapes and adhere them together as flowers.

Combine DewDrop inkpads from different ink families together for some really interesting effects. I combined VersaMagic, with its softer opaque pigment look, with Memento dye inks and even a bit of Brilliance for shine together by blending them over each other through a stencil. Combining these inks together gives stunning results, with the ability to add shading and lots of creativity.

Remember that smaller doesn’t mean a lesser quality, only a lesser quantity. You can still blend, stamp, ink direct to paper, and stencil to your hearts delight. Sometimes you need a full-sized inkpad. But weigh your options and the purpose of the inkpad before taking the plunge! Take care when using your inkpads and respect them for what they are, and there will be no reason why they won’t last for years. Inkpads that are left open will dry out before all the ink can be used, so don’t forget to close your inkpads when not in use. One of the most common ways DewDrops get misused is by contaminating them with other colors. I have revived a Memento DewDrop before by lightly misting the offending spot with water and drawing out the invading ink. This may reduce the number of uses, so purchasing an inker for that color may be in order!

The only time I choose a full-sized inkpad is for colors like black, grey and brown. Basic stamping colors like those are generally used a lot more than colored inkpads. But, unless you can afford an entire range of large inkpads, why not opt for the smaller ones giving you the same creative freedom and opportunity as the bigger ones at a fraction of the price. Buy what suits your style of creativity! For me personally I love all my inks no matter what size they are, but I really love the versatility and fun of the DewDrops!

To purchase visit Imagine’s Shop: Memento DewDrops, VersaMagic DewDrops & Brilliance DewDrops.