We are Happy to Introduce our Artists for 2018


Meet our Team

Arjita Sepaha Singh

Arjita works in the early childhood education field, but enjoys crafting above everything else. She gets plenty of inspiration for her 12 year old daughter and hopes to show even the most novice of crafters how to make beautiful things in her crisp and short videos.

“I strongly believe that a creative crafter is like a bee that is always busy with focus, dedication & perseverance to create beautiful things.”

Elina Stromberg

Elina grew up crafting and paper is her favorite material. She likes to focus on layouts and colors that are sure to be eye-pleasing. Inspiring other crafters is the greatest reward for her.

“I love the fact that this hobby is all about learning something new every day.”

Iris Rodriguez

Iris is an arts and crafts enthusiast who has never met an art medium she didn’t like. A short list of her favorites include inks, paper, acrylic paint, sprays, metallic waxes, texture mediums, clay, and metal.

“As it happens to some us, as adults we tend to temporarily abandon our creative endeavors because of this little thing called life. About seven years ago I decided to get back to being creative and have not looked back since.”


Jennifer Vanderbeek

Jennifer is a longtime crafter who also does comic illustrations and culinary arts. If you’ve seen her videos you might already know that she believes in the power of a good laugh and that daily creativity is essential to overall health.

“I love anything & everything creative, which is why mixed media is such a handy umbrella: it encompasses anything I might want to get my hands on or into given my mood be it papercrafts, jewelry making, fine art or home decor.”


Jowilna Nolte

Jowilna sees scrapbooking as a natural extension of her love for card making and stamping that also accommodates her love and passion for photography. Jowilna loves to teach new techniques and share with others on her creative journey.

“Creating can be a wonderful journey & therapy—making sense of things where life cannot, and I have tuned my life into this philosophy.”


Kassy Tousignant

Kassy grew up surrounded by a family of makers and artists. A long time believer in the fact that a handmade card is the best type to give, she has recently delved in to mixed media and 3D arts; she loves playing with color and texture.

“Creativity is good for the soul and I believe there is room for it in everyone’s life. My goal is to inspire others to find their creative voice.”

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Kyriakos challenges himself to find alternative ways to use materials and set them into daily life. He uses mixed media to create everything from simple to complex pieces that are always sure to please.

“When I design my projects I like to make something that goes further of being beautiful to be useful and special to someone.”Bright Blue StazOn ink used to cover metal.

Imagine crafts tsukineko blog artistMartha Lucia Gomez

Martha Lucia works in public relations by day, but has loved crafting always. She finds working with paper to be the best therapy, and if you are looking for a great Spanish language crafting blog, she’s one to follow.

“I love to create cards, 3D projects and alter different objects.  I am looking forward to continue to share my passion with all of you.”

Melissa Andrew

Melissa is a scientist and mother of three who still finds time to devote to her crafting and card making. She is ready to take the inspiration she has received from so many others and pay it forward to all of you.

“I feel my science background allows me to understand the chemical properties of a number of my craft products and therefore I am able to experiment and play without hesitation.”

Imagine crafts tsukineko blogNadine Carlier

Nadine has spent a couple of decades trying and loving all things crafty. Scrapbooking, handmade cards, mixed media and altered art projects make the list of her favorite things to create. 

“I love getting messy, trying new techniques, inspiring others and being inspired.”

Roni Johnson

When she’s not helping run the family farm, Roni can be found creating. There is no term that encompasses all the styles and project types that Roni shares with us, but the joy she finds in creating them always comes through.

“I enjoy teaching others about the joys of ink, paper and altered arts!”

Steph Ackerman

Steph has been crafting since she was a kid when all she had was construction paper and rubber cement. She loves to teach and tries to instill in her students the instinct to play as it will help with learning always.

“I don’t have a specific style as I let the products I am working with take me on that journey with each creation.”

Get these Fabulous Must Have Holiday Craft Supplies Today

Get these Fabulous Must Have Craft Supplies Today Imagine Crafts Tsukineko

It’s October! We can’t believe 2017 has flown by so fast! It is already that time of year when the holiday buzz is in full swing! We hope you are gearing up for a fantastic season and to help you along we asked our Artists in Residence to recommend their favorite holiday crafting supplies from Imagine and Tsukineko. Check out what they have to say!

Nadine Carlier and Renee Zarate's Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! White

Nadine Carlier & Renee Zarate’s Pick for the Holidays is Amplify! in White

Nadine says, “It’s a must have to create snow. When it “puffs” up it looks just like snow. Perfect to flock stamped trees, to create snowy hills, make snowmen ⛄️ or just about anything snowy.” 😊

Renee says, “This time of year makes me think of snow so my seasonal pick would be Radiant Neon Amplify in White. Many children have vacation days or snow days coming up, the Amplify products are so much fun to apply and watch puff up. Now is the time for parents to stock up on snow day products with kids in mind.”

Martha's Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

Martha’s Pick for the Holidays is VersaFine Satin Red

“The most vibrant color for Christmas and is perfect for embossing.”

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou's Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

Kyriakos Pachadiroglou’s Pick for the Holidays is Vertigo Sheets

“Until now, it was plastic, not fantastic…but the Vertigo sheets made me like plastic on crafts! Plus, they are versatile to use on various projects!”

Mischelle's Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz!

Mischelle’s Pick for the Holidays is Sparkle Sheer Shimmer!

“It’s the bow on top of the package. The finishing touch.”

Jennifer Vanderbeek's Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

Jennifer Vanderbeek’s Pick for the Holidays is Metallic Creative Medium

“Add shimmer and dimension to cards, tags, and presents, too!”

Roni Johnson and Alison Heikkila's Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni Johnson & Alison Heikkila’s Pick for the Holidays is Delicata

Roni says, “I love the deep rich colors combined with the delicate shimmer that each offers. They are just perfect for the holidays no matter which one(s) you celebrate!”

Alison says, “There are no better shimmery inks out there. You can ink the edges of your cards so beautifully and simply, to get a regal look. The refills can give you fun splashes and splatters of color plus shine and shimmer.”

Elina Strömberg's Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

Elina Strömberg’s Pick for the Holidays is Embossing Powder

“Will be used on every Christmas card I’ll make.”

Neva Elyn Cole's Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

Neva Elyn Cole’s Pick for the Holidays is StazOn

“These are wonderful inks to decorate ornaments and other home decor items for the holidays. You can create keepsakes for your family and friends that will be treasured for years!”

Jowilna Nolte's Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

Jowilna Nolte’s Pick for the Holidays is On Point Glue

“I can sprinkle it with red, green, clear, gold and silver glitter turning it into the most versatile item for festive details. I can add shimmer to all kinds of projects, glue them and add colour! My most favorite adhesive and multipurpose item.”
And for employee picks ~

Amanda Harryman's Pick for the Holidays is Irresistibles Pico Shimmer

Amanda Harryman’s Pick for the Holidays is Irresistible Pico Embellisher in Shimmer

“I added a touch of Shimmer irRESISTible to most of my Christmas cards last year because I love the little shimmery glossy touch. Even if it is a small element in the layout, it adds a super fun little touch of texture and shine.”

Marcie McCabe’s Pick for the Holidays is Fireworks Shimmery Craft Spray

“I love the random patterns of color and shimmer that Fireworks offers. You can go crazy with a deep saturation of color and shimmer.”


Thank you for checking out our product guide! For more information on the products visit the Imagine Learn page for product features.







Artist In Residence 2018 Call for Entry

Do you have an addiction to your local craft store? Have you carved out an area in your home for your craft supplies collection? Do you create fun projects on a regular basis and post them to your blog or Instagram? Do you squeal when you see a new stamp set or scrapbook theme? Well you might be a good fit for our 2018 Artist In Residence Program.

Imagine is proud to announce its call for Artists In Residence for 2018! We are looking for artists and designers who can inspire our customers and community with colorful and fun projects using Imagine and Tsukineko products.

Perks of being an Artist in Residence for Imagine:

  • Exposure of your work on our growing blog, social media, website and print platforms.
  • Monthly art challenges, themes, and fellow artist camaraderie and support.
  • Generous supply of Imagine and Tsukineko products with which to create your projects.
  • Be involved with product development and get advanced access to new products before the public.
  • Opportunities to grow your stash with product from Imagine’s preferred partners.
  • Links back to your blog or website connected to each blog post featuring your work.

We are looking for energetic artists to fill two different exciting roles for 2018:

Project/Tutorial Artists who create and provide 2 to 3 different projects or innovative techniques per month with complete instructions and photographs that will be featured online and in printed formats.


Video Project/Tutorial Artists who will submit 2 edited videos per month featuring a project and/or innovative technique, which will be shared with our community. See our YouTube channel for examples.

Artists in Residence basic requirements:

  • A commitment of one year — January 1st, 2018 through December 31st, 2018.
  • Ability to produce professional photographs, and submit them as high-res JPG format images for all projects (including step-by-step) by required due dates.
  • Submit clearly written and detailed instructions in English for each project, including a comprehensive list of all supplies used, in Word or PDF format.
  • Socially active online with an established blog and Facebook presence.
  • Not currently employed and/or affiliated with competing manufacturers including as a design team member, guest designer, etc.
  • For further information, see our Artists In Residence Summary.

Show Us Your Artwork!

Show us just how creative you are! Submit artwork using Imagine and/or Tsukineko products. There are no limits to what you can create—scrapbook layouts, cards, altered art, mixed media designs, jewelry, home decor items or whatever your niche art may be.

Please submit one original work of art—one that hasn’t been published, featured online, etc.

Submission Process for Round 1

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Send your submission to marketing@imaginecrafts.com with the subject line of “2018 AIRs Round 1 <your name>”.

The body of your email must include the following information: name, mailing address, phone number, email address, your personal blog and/or website address, and two links to any additional online content of your work (including videos) that you feel showcase your style.

If you are submitting to be a Project/Tutorial Artist:

Attached to your email should be a quality, minimum 700px wide jpg of your original artwork. Please also include a short paragraph about your piece and list what products you used to create it. Name the photograph of your artwork “AIRs_<your name>_2018.JPG” using underscores in the name instead of spaces.

If you are submitting to be a Video Project/Tutorial Artist:

Attached to your email should be a quality, minimum 700px wide jpg of your original artwork. Please also include a list of what products you used to create it. The two links you provide should both include videos you created about your artwork in general (not necessarily the artwork you submit). Name the photograph of your artwork “AIRs_<your name>_2018.JPG” using underscores in the name instead of spaces.

Round 1 submissions are due by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, October 18th.

Those artists who will be continuing on to the next round will be contacted by Wednesday, November 1st with further instructions.

Once we have announced our 2018 Artists In Residence, the work will quickly begin…each Artist In Residence will be shipped their “essentials” kit, along with our NEW releases for the 2018 Creativation Show.






Do You Struggle with What Size Inkpads to Buy?

by Jowilna Nolte

With so many ink types, colors and sizes available today, do you struggle to decide what to buy and what you really need? Well then, you are not alone! The struggle is real and pretty personal. One of my favorite inkpads available is the DewDrop. So let’s take a look at some of the things that keep me infatuated with these cute and colorful little bundles of joy.

Storage & Cost

An important aspect, and the first thing many people will note, is that smaller inkpads can be stored a lot easier. I own a lot of the DewDrops and they fit perfectly into plastic containers that can be stacked on top of each other. I can separate and store each type of ink in its own container and even include a color chart so that I can keep track of which colors I have in the bin. If space is limited in your crafting area, then smaller inkpads may just be the answer to keeping enough ink handy to craft anything you wish. Secondly, DewDrop inkpads are generally a lot cheaper than their full-sized inkpad counterparts. One key element for me is that with the DewDrop inkpads, I will often commit to colors that I would use less often or maybe only need for a one-off project because they are cheaper. If I end up using a color more than I think I will, DewDrops can be re-inked if they become a littler dry—making them extremely economical and practical because I use inkers for a variety of other techniques and effects.


Stamping with DewDrop inkpads is really easy! When you have smaller stamps that you might use in your planner or make a repeating pattern with, it’s easy to re-ink your stamps quickly, even if you don’t have a table surface to work on. But if you need to ink up a stamp that is larger than a DewDrop, it is easily done by laying your stamp face up and dabbing the DewDrop over the surface until it is all covered. Using the rounded end works well for this. I especially like using my Memento DewDrops for stamping smaller words in color. The pointy tip of the DewDrop gives you the ability to stamp several images in different colors all at once. Simply ink the different words positioned on an acrylic block in different colors of ink – it’s really easy to control where or what you ink!


Even if you are inking a single stamp, these little inkpads offer you greater control to ink in selected areas only. You can combine different colors, or shades of a single color on a single stamp for a really interesting effect. On this stamp I started with green inked at the top, then added a light purple and then a darker shade of purple Memento ink. A light misting of water on the ink before stamping onto your cardstock piece gives a nice watercolor effect. You can even get into tight spaces with their pointy tips.

This is the area that DewDrops really beat out all other inkpads. Rather than battling to use larger inkpads, these smaller versions are really handy. Flipping them over and inking your stamps that way gives you control, adds an even layer of ink all over your stamp surface, and can produce more intricate results than a larger inkpad.

Dew drop ink pads are versatile and fun. What makes these inks so versatile is that they are available in a variety of types


I love that I can get DewDrops in a variety of ink types—Memento (dye ink), VersaMagic (opaque matte pigment), and Brilliance (pearlescent and shimmery pigment) cover most of my needs when it comes to my creativity arsenal. I can use these inks for a lot of techniques and different effects no matter the project. When you need to cover a larger surface, the smaller inkpads work just as well as the larger inkpads to ink up an InkBlusher or Sponge Dauber. It’s the same ink, so you can get the same great results.


The shape of a DewDrop is so pleasing, I sometimes use it in my project creation. Take advantage of the shape of the DewDrops by simply stamping the inkpad directly onto cardstock to create and make fun elements for your crafting projects. I especially love to cut out the petal shapes and adhere them together as flowers.

Combine DewDrop inkpads from different ink families together for some really interesting effects. I combined VersaMagic, with its softer opaque pigment look, with Memento dye inks and even a bit of Brilliance for shine together by blending them over each other through a stencil. Combining these inks together gives stunning results, with the ability to add shading and lots of creativity.

Remember that smaller doesn’t mean a lesser quality, only a lesser quantity. You can still blend, stamp, ink direct to paper, and stencil to your hearts delight. Sometimes you need a full-sized inkpad. But weigh your options and the purpose of the inkpad before taking the plunge! Take care when using your inkpads and respect them for what they are, and there will be no reason why they won’t last for years. Inkpads that are left open will dry out before all the ink can be used, so don’t forget to close your inkpads when not in use. One of the most common ways DewDrops get misused is by contaminating them with other colors. I have revived a Memento DewDrop before by lightly misting the offending spot with water and drawing out the invading ink. This may reduce the number of uses, so purchasing an inker for that color may be in order!

The only time I choose a full-sized inkpad is for colors like black, grey and brown. Basic stamping colors like those are generally used a lot more than colored inkpads. But, unless you can afford an entire range of large inkpads, why not opt for the smaller ones giving you the same creative freedom and opportunity as the bigger ones at a fraction of the price. Buy what suits your style of creativity! For me personally I love all my inks no matter what size they are, but I really love the versatility and fun of the DewDrops!

To purchase visit Imagine’s Shop: Memento DewDrops, VersaMagic DewDrops & Brilliance DewDrops.






















Here are 4 Great Ways to Use Memento Luxe Ink

by Neva Cole

Here are 4 Great Ways to Use Tsukineko Japan Memento Luxe Inkpad

We love the versatile Memento Luxe ink so much we wanted to share some of it’s uses! Memento Luxe is a fabulous pigment ink available in 24 colors that coordinate with Memento Dye inks and Memento Dual-Tip Markers. It is water-based, archival, and acid-free, and is great for all sorts of crafting needs such as card making, tag decoration, scrapbooking and even fabric printing. Memento Luxe inkpads are very juicy and can be used on both light and dark surfaces.

Four Ways to Use Memento Luxe

Memento Luxe on Dark Surfaces

Because Memento Luxe is a pigment ink, the color will rest on top of the surface of the paper allowing for it to show up well on dark papers. This “Make A Wish” tag uses Memento Luxe Wedding White on black cardstock. The tag images were stamped once and the edge was inked with a sponge dauber. As you see all the ink pops forward with plenty of contrast.

Blending with Memento Luxe

Since the Memento Luxe has a longer dry time, more than one color can be successfully blended to create a beautiful and seamless color range. Here Dandelion is blended into Pear Tart, and then Pear Tart is blended into Danube Blue on Strathmore Bristol Board. The sentiment is stamped in Danube Blue ink and is heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

Memento Luxe on Fabric

Not all pigment inks will stay on fabric. However, Memento Luxe is wonderful for stamping, stenciling or blending on fabric and canvas surfaces. The formula for Memento Luxe is unique in that it will stay on fabric when heat-set with an iron or heat tool. This Butterfly tote project was made by daubing Memento Luxe in Pear Tart, Pistachio, Dandelion, Morocco, and Rhubarb Stalk through stencils. This ink is so easy to use on fabric that both sides of this bag were completed in under an hour!

Memento Luxe Inker with Creative Medium

A fun and out-of-the-box use for Memento Luxe is to use the inker to mix with Creative Medium. Apply Creative Medium on a craft mat and squeeze a pea size amount of Memento Luxe ink and mix with a palette knife. Since Memento Luxe is a rich pigment ink that will easily blend into the Creative Medium paste, you will get a uniform opaque appearance. This is a big plus of matching the other Memento products but also to achieve the color control you desire.

The heart on this welcome sign uses the Lilac Posies inker mixed with Creative Medium and then applied with a palette knife through a stencil.

Memento Luxe is one of the most versatile inks in the Tsukineko line and can be used in so many ways. We hope you found this product review helpful. Please let us know in the comments below! Have an inspiring day!

For more product information, please check out the Imagine website.









3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink

3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink.

by Alison Heikkila

StazOn is a solvent ink that allows you to stamp on surfaces such as metal, wood, shrink plastic, leather, and more. It is a permanent ink in a wide range of colors that allows you to create vivid and exciting projects easily. In today’s post, it is my privilege to give you three wonderful ways to use StazOn ink.

3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink

Making Shrinky Dinks! Use StazOn to Stamp on Shrink Plastic

One of my favorite ways to use StazOn ink is with shrink plastic. This little Pin-Up pendant (from Bombshell Stamps) was stamped on the frosted side of the shrink plastic, then colored with colored pencils. Because StazOn is a solvent ink, it will dry immediately on plastic and will not smear. It is perfect for fully decorating stamped images before they will be shrunk.  I added holes to either side of the hammock and used my heat tool to shrink down. The stamp and color remained perfectly intact during the shrinking. Think about all of your larger stamps that you can shrink down into fun pieces of jewelry using StazOn and shrink plastic!

3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink.

Creating Masterboards! Use StazOn to Blend Ink Colors.

The next example of fun things you can do with StazOn is to ink blend with solvents such as rubbing alcohol or the compliment product StazOn Stamp Cleaner. With a 4″ x 6″ photo sheet, I rubbed Claret, Cactus Green, and Spiced Chai StazOn randomly on the surface. I used a direct-to-paper swirling motion to apply the color. I dripped StazOn Stamp cleaner on to the paper and swirled it around. The solvent in StazOn cleaner suspends the color, allows it to migrate and blend. I let the cleaner sit then dabbed off the excess with a paper towel.

3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink. the perfect pear card

I die cut a portion of the dried StazOn blended photo paper with a set of pear dies from Stampendous. Love the results!

3 Very Different Ways to Use StazOn Ink. home decor star

Homemaking! Use StazOn with Decoupage

StazOn is great for home decorating projects. Tissue paper decoupaged on wood is a perfect example. I stamped an image onto white tissue paper using Jet Black StazOn and then colored in the details with Fabrico markers. I used decoupage medium to seal the art on the tissue paper. StazOn does not react to water-based inks or products such as Mod Podge. So you can begin the next steps of a multi-step project because the ink will dry quickly cutting the dry time in half. Once the decoupage was dried, I used a sponge dauber to ink the edges of the star in Royal Purple StazOn. Again, a double benefit is StazOn will attach to the top of any surface without beading or smearing.

As you can see, StazOn ink can be used for a multitude of techniques and on lots of different surfaces. It is important to remember that experimentation is always the best way to find what works best for your projects. For product information, please check out the Imagine website. Have an inspiring day!